LendingTree Launches Credit Analyzer, a Free Credit and Debt Analysis Tool

CHARLOTTE, N.C., April 4, 2018 – LendingTree®, the nation’s leading online loan marketplace, today announced the launch of its Credit Analyzer, a free credit and debt analyzer tool, which was created to help consumers avoid common credit mistakes, improve debt management skills and find the right financial products for their needs.

Credit Analyzer is a free tool that provides a deeper, instant analysis of consumers’ credit and debt situations and offers personalized recommendations based on individuals’ financial goals. The user experience is designed to make it easier for consumers to understand the most important factors that impact credit scores. The tool recommends actions users can take to improve credit find the right financial product for their specific needs. Credit Analyzer also makes it easier for consumers to know their home and car affordability, estimated monthly payments and potential savings they can achieve through various debt management strategies.

To get started, users answer a few questions and select the goals they would like to accomplish, such as Improve Credit, Reduce Debt, Buy A Home and Buy A Car. The tool intelligently provides recommendations based on a proprietary algorithm and the user’s goal prioritization.

"At LendingTree, we strive to help every consumer make smarter financial decisions, regardless of their credit situation," said Raj Patel, LendingTree’s senior director of credit restoration and debt-related services and products. “There are approximately 45 million consumers who have credit scores below 640, limiting their financial abilities. We want to help these consumers better understand their credit situation through education and free financial tools, using financial goals to guide consumers to achieve greater financial health and find the right financial product for their needs.”

Credit Analyzer can be accessed at https://www.lendingtree.com/creditanalyzer and through My LendingTree, LendingTree’s financial intelligence platform that allows users to monitor their credit health and identifies potential savings opportunities.

To enroll in LendingTree’s free credit monitoring service or create a free My LendingTree account, visit www.MyLendingTree.com
About LendingTree
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