LendingTree Introduces Password Management Service Through 1Password

LendingTree®, the nation’s leading online financial services marketplace, today introduces a new password management service offering through 1Password, the world’s most loved password manager.  Consumers with a LendingTree account can now sign up with 1Password to receive a free 14-day trial and 25% off the first year on individual and family plans.

“The 1Password feature is LendingTree’s latest offering in its suite of tools that focuses on data security and online privacy so consumers can feel confident in their journey towards financial health,” said Jason Simon, Vice President, Product Management at LendingTree.

In 2018, LendingTree launched free credit monitoring, powered by TransUnion, which monitors users’ credit profiles daily and notifies of any changes or suspicious activity within 30 minutes of the credit report being updated. In 2020, the company also announced that account holders will receive free identity monitoring through ID Experts to help consumers further safeguard themselves from threats to their financial health and online privacy.

With the password management service, users only need to remember one password. From there, 1Password automatically creates unique and secure passwords for all online accounts across multiple devices to help keep account information safe. Once signed in with 1Password, users can access the websites and services with required logins with one click. MyLendingTree customers can choose between the individual plan for $2.25 per month or the family plan, for up to 5 family members for $3.75 per month.

“Reused passwords are one of the biggest causes of compromised accounts,” said Jeff Shiner, CEO of 1Password. “1Password keeps users safe by making it easy to create, store and fill strong, unique passwords for every online account. With reports of identity fraud increasing, LendingTree customers who use 1Password can take proactive measures to reduce their risk.”

For additional information or to sign up with LendingTree and 1Password, please visit https://mylt.lendingtree.com/identity-monitoring/password-protection/plans.