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  • (5 of 5) 2 Reviews
    from Fresno, CA - April, 2018

    "Understanding will work with you"

  • (5 of 5) 3 Reviews
    from Arvada, CO - February, 2018

    "Ruphay at Lending Arts was incredible to work with. He was polite, respectful, responsive and and answered every question I had along the way. You cannot find a better person to help you with your financial needs. I would highly recommended Ruphay and Lending Arts to all my friends and family."

  • (5 of 5) 2 Reviews
    from Brookfield, WI - April, 2018

    "They were very helpful and did everything they said they would do. They also answer the phone and I didn't get a recording. I was very happy with the interest rate and ease of this process."

  • from Loganville, GA - May, 2018

    "I had a very seamless experience. I would recommend New Roads Auto Loans for people who are trying to re-establish there credit. Lisa Argon and Iris Amaya-Lopez provided A++ service."

  • (4.9 of 5) 353 Reviews
    from Sanford, FL - June, 2018

    "Matthew Galliher was an amazing, efficient loan officer. He made the experience that I was procrastinating to execute so seamless that I will be referring him and RefiJet to family and friends. I will also be using him in the future for other services. I filled out a questionnaire on Lending Tree.com and with in 15 minutes my phone was blowing up however Matthew too k a route the other companies did not. He first called and left a message that was not intimidating or pushy, it was simple. Then he sent me a text and email just in case if he had the wrong phone number. He then let me connect with him a few days later. The same day we connected on the phone was the same day I was able to receive a quote for a new interest rate and payment that blew me out of the water. I thought this is too good to be true. Maybe 2 hours later he confirmed the interest rate and monthly payment with terms. I received an eSign link, my husband received the same, and then we received a link to "WetSign." I printed out the loan paperwork, signed it had my husband sign it and turned it in to UPS the same day. I was able to skip my payment to my previous loan company for June and start my new terms in July. I went from having a 17.02% interest rate to a 4.5% and I was making on average a $420 car payment to a $270. Now as a small disclaimer, I had my previous loan for 16 payments, I went to a dealership with only $1500 to put a down payment on a $18,000 Kia Sorento and my credit score was just over 500 but with hard work on my credit (its almost a 700) and RefiJet I was able to get a lower interest rate and payment. I am sure that RefiJet can make miracles happen but you as a consumer need to do the work as well"... Read More

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  • (4.8 of 5) 199 Reviews
    from Brooklyn, NY - June, 2018

    "Had a fantastic experience! My loan consultant Bryan Cooper at Auto Approve was very responsive,answered all my questions and ensured my loan was processed smoothly and quickly."

  • (4.8 of 5) 25 Reviews
    from Pittsburgh, PA - May, 2018

    "Let’s get to the POINT. DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM THEM! JD Byrider sold me a LEMON. The car has died multiple times since I purchased it, but now it has been dead for 3 months. CNAC is the company that finances the cars, and I refused to pay another cent for this LEMON. JD/CNAC wants the car back so they can attempt to resell it to another unfortunate person. READ BELOW F OR DETAILS. JD byrider location: 7200 McKnight Rd, Pittsburgh PA 15237 Agent: Lana Smithbower Car: Ford Taurus/ 2005 Total paid: $9897.36 Remaining balance: $5233.45 Current Value (KBB): $535- $2,006 Or $1,271 if sold to a private vendor I REPEAT, THE CAR IS DEAD SO IT’S NOT EVEN WORTH $1,271 I purchased this car late November 2015 (within the last few days of the month). I left the JD Byrider around 7 pm and the first thing I noticed was how dimmed the lights were. I could barely see in front of the car. THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN A RED FLAG but I was 22 years old and it was my first car. The next morning the car would not start. I guess it was a battery problem. I should’ve returned it, but my coworker gave me a jump so I just wrote it off. 2 MONTHS LATER Jan 2016 the car started randomly shutting off (Especially when I stopped at red lights). Since I bought this car I’ve had it jumped multiple times, 5 times (that I remember). Issues During the 1st and 2nd winters (12/2015-3/2016 & 11/2016-3/2017). 1. The rear defroster didn’t work, and I barely could see out the back window 2. There was a gasket leak in the front driver foot well o Causing the driver’s side floor to be wet (also wet when it rains during the spring) o The moisture from the gasket leak would cause ALL the windows to randomly fog while driving (NOT SAFE/ AND VERY SCARY) May 1st 2017 I finally replaced the exhaust pipe- (car was making a crazy sound when I pressed the gas) 3. Apparently this pipe was cracked and developed to a hole by the time I noticed it o Piped would have ripped off while driving if NOT TREATED o It was the Cat back exhaust July 31 2017 the transmission went- 4. The first shop I had it towed to said “it would be a waste of his time to work on, b/c it wasn’t worth it” 5. I paid to get it towed elsewhere and had it replaced there These are some of the MAJOR problems I had with this LEMON. But there are more OOP cost not listed. Total OOP COST: $2,737.15 (WHICH IS MORE THAN THE CAR IS WORTH!) I HAVE RECEIPTS OF ALL THE OOP COST AND WILL GLADLY SHARE WITH JD/CNAC if they would like. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. This was my first car, and that is the only reason I worked so hard at maintaining it. I worked 4 different jobs (at the same time) during the time I’ve had this car. So arguing with CNAC/JD was not my mindset. But IM OVER THIS CAR. AND I REFUSE TO PAY THEM ANOTHER DIME! "... Read More

  • (4.8 of 5) 33 Reviews
    from Galt, CA - June, 2018

    "I purchased a car thru navy federal credit union and was unaware that my pre approved interest rate of 2.9% would jump to 9.6% because I purchased a 2016 vehicle which was considered used even tho it had less then 1000 miles on it . So after having this loan for only 2 months I was doing some research on line and put in my info to see what was out there for me as far as Refinancing my car . I initially thought it would be difficult because the loan amount was upwards of 70k dollars however I ended up connecting with A representative by the name of Allison who was nothing less then great . The first loan she found for me fell thru and she remained persistent and got the job done . I’m not sure if she relized it upon looking at the figures but she saved me over 11k over the life of my loan and cut my payment down by almost $200 ! She was very responsive and her communication skills were terrific ! If even 1/2 of the assocites at this buisness are as tentative to their customers at her then I wouldn’t ever consider going thru anyone else in the future . Thank you very much for all of your hard work. Stacie K"... Read More

  • (4.8 of 5) 140 Reviews
    from Houston, TX - June, 2018

    "Carvana is the only place that didn't require a down payment from me. I loved the experience of picking up the car from a "vending machine". The only issue I had was not getting the car when I needed it because it was being brought to Texas for me and the truck hauling it broke down so I had to wait several more days which put me in a bind. The car wasn't cleaned when I picked it up either but I took care of it. Overall great experience. Thanks Carvana"... Read More

  • (4.8 of 5) 25 Reviews
    from Snellville, GA - March, 2018

    "Everything was perfect. "

  • NMLS ID: 539379
    (4.7 of 5) 12 Reviews
    from Alpharetta, GA - March, 2018

    "Mershon McNair went above and beyond to help us close our car loan quickly. We were searching for a specific car with specific options and when we found one out of state and negotiated the price, it was a Friday afternoon before I got started on the loan process. Due to some extenuating circumstances and our own very tight schedules, we really wanted to pick up the car on Monday morning - out of state. That left very little time to process the loan and I was frankly skeptical we could pull it off. The loan process involved people in three states to get everything signed. Mershon shepherded everything through seamlessly, even finishing things up Saturday morning on his day off so I could pick up the check at a nearby branch by lunchtime Saturday and be on the road to get the car out of state. From our first contact to check in hand was less than 24 hours and very much appreciated as it saved our schedules for the week and ensured that we got the exact car we wanted at a great price. I was so impressed with Mershon's professionalism and ability to get the job done in such a tight turnaround. And the rate was great - better than the dealer or other options we had. Thank you so much Mershon"... Read More

  • (4.7 of 5) 27 Reviews
    from Mesa, AZ - May, 2018

    "They couldn't find my information when I called and I had to resubmit my request. At this point they revoked their offer and wasted my time. Will not use them in the future."

  • (4.7 of 5) 13 Reviews
    from Saugerties, NY - March, 2018

    "Everything was going perfect till they called me up and told me that they can't do out of NY state sales. So I couldn't buy my car that I had looked for 2 months and I talked them to my price and gave springboard am out info just to say they don't do out of NY state. NO WHERE ON LENDING TREE OR SPRINGBOARD SITE SAYS NY ONLY. SO I AM EXTREMELY DISSAPOINTED"

  • (4.6 of 5) 26 Reviews
    from Mound, MN - June, 2018

    "I just closed on my boat loan this week with Taylor Beckford and want to pass some praise along for him. He was an absolute joy to work with. I can say that it was, without a doubt, the best loan service I have ever received. Taylor was extremely organized, very very punctual and looked out for my needs as a borrower. It was evident that Taylor wasn't just looking to close a loan. If superior customer service and repeat customers are a goal of IFG then he is what should be considered a rock-star employee. Thanks and have a great Memorial Day Weekend! "... Read More

  • (4.4 of 5) 110 Reviews
    from Plant City, FL - June, 2018

    "I worked with Travis Middleton and he was great! He answered the million questions I had about refinancing my auto loan and was very patient. He helped me through every step of the process and was extremely easy to get ahold of. I would recommend autopay to anyone and everyone looking to refinance. Thank you again Travis! "