No-haggle car dealerships

Although many people enjoy negotiating to get the best car deal, recent market research shows that 73 percent of vehicle buyers wish they could eliminate the negotiation step altogether. If you’d rather steer clear of pressure in the negotiation room, you’re in luck. For careful shoppers, the purchase premium for using the one-price, no-hassle method can be worth it.

At no-haggle dealerships, each vehicle is marked with a specific, non-negotiable price. In the case of a new car or truck, there may be a discount from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price or window sticker price.

The customer can see exactly what each vehicle costs without the anxiety of having to negotiate with a salesperson. This allows the buyer to concentrate more on the features he or she wants on the car and worry less about pricing.

One-price selling has certainly had its share of ups and downs since the system was first introduced by General Motors Saturn Corporation in 1990. The added convenience of a single purchase price quickly became a compelling option for many consumers. However, one-price dealerships had tough competition from dealers that were willing to undercut no-haggle pricing. After obtaining a price from a no-haggle dealership, many consumers would shop around, using the non-negotiable price quote as a starting point for local dealer counter offers. In recent years, there has been a resurgence of one-price popularity due to increased availability of car invoice pricing and comparative shopping options online.
To find out whether a no-haggle price is fair, shop online at, our virtual car marketplace, to compare local dealer inventory and pricing on similar vehicles. If the price is right, buying from a no-haggle dealership can save you time and spare you a few negotiation-induced headaches.

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