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    When it comes to the Internet, nearly everything you want to know is at your fingertips — including car research. When buying a new or used vehicle, it makes sense to start your car search online, and we’re here to help. Take full advantage of the World Wide Web during your new car search with these four tips. 

    One of the most important steps to finding your dream car is researching its features. After all, it is a little risky to base a decision solely on a car’s aesthetics. You can go to different manufacturers’ web sites and look at what features are available in what models. On many manufacturer sites, you can build and price your own car, which means you can choose and preview which features you would like to include in your ideal vehicle. When you know which features you can’t live without, make a list and try searching for real inventory, filtering for only cars that come with your must-have attributes.

    Price is a very important factor to consider when deciding which new or used car to choose. Search for vehicles within your price range from the comfort of your couch — no need for a pushy salesperson. Once you find a few car models that fit into your budget, you’re ready to start searching for local inventory and test driving at dealerships.

    But your online search isn’t limited to vehicles. You can also search for auto financing options to cover the purchase of your new or used car, or even if you're looking to refinance. Get preapproved for a loan and receive multiple loan offers all in one place — then choose the lender with the most competitive rates and terms. If getting preapproved is difficult because of your credit score, then you may need to consider auto loan options for people with bad credit.

    Consumer satisfaction and rating
    You can’t test drive every car out there, but now you don’t need to. Instead, you can see how cars rank among people who have bought them, as well as among experts in the automotive field. Our expert reviews and consumer reviews can provide real-world insight and steer you towards a car that fits both your lifestyle and your personality. Here are some key items to consider when reading auto ratings and reviews: 

    • Safety
    • Amenities
    • Towing capacity
    • Gas mileage
    • Seating and space

    If you are looking for a used car, you can search for up-to-date local inventory online. Compare vehicle prices, see the photos and specs of cars you’re considering and contact the dealer directly with questions.

    If you’re in the market for a new car, you can search for dealerships in your area, read dealer reviews, shop within a certain price range and see which cars with which features are currently in stock — all at autos.lendingtree.com.

    In summary, researching your car purchase online can yield a plethora of valuable information. From finding to financing your car, just about every part of the car-buying process can be done online — although we haven’t quite figured out the test drive yet.