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Customer Service Week at LendingTree

By Emily Gunn on November 4, 2021

For those who work in customer service, the first week of October is about more than stockpiling candy and putting up Halloween decorations — it’s Customer Service Week and it’s a time to... read more

Employee Stories

How my grandmother’s stint in NASA still inspires my career today

By Jessica Cleland on March 26, 2021

Growing up, I heard countless stories about my Grandma and how she worked at NASA. As a kid, of course, I immediately thought: “Grandma’s an astronaut!” That wasn’t the case. She was,... read more

Employee Stories

Why this LendingTree employee dreaded sharing her pregnancy news

By Vita DeCeglio on March 17, 2021

It took me five months to tell my new boss at my new job that I was pregnant. Why? I was afraid of backlash. But instead of punishing glares or snide comments, at LendingTree, I got support,... read more

Employee Stories

LT employee demolishes $20k debt amid pandemic

By Nadia Gonzalez on March 11, 2021

While the coronavirus raged, my husband and I paid off nearly $20,000 of debt. Before you think “well that’s easy for her to say…” let me tell you how this all happened. In the... read more

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