Employee Stories

Customer Service Week at LendingTree

Written by

Emily Gunn


November 4, 2021

For those who work in customer service, the first week of October is about more than stockpiling candy and putting up Halloween decorations — it’s Customer Service Week and it’s a time to celebrate. 

This year’s Customer Service Week theme is The Power of Service and it’s an international celebration of the power of those who serve and support customers every day.  

“Customer Service Week means everything to me,” says Beverly Jennings, a Contact Center Representative at LendingTree. “It’s a special time set aside for us to celebrate each other, and the work we do for others every day.” 

This year, Customer Service Week at LendingTree featured a full schedule of events including daily “power hour” competitions, a “Superhero Supervisor” costume competition and even power yoga. The week wrapped up with a Friday Closing Ceremony, where individuals were recognized, prizes were won, and inspiration abounded. 

On a daily basis, LendingTree customer service representatives do more than field questions and make warm transfers – they connect with people who are in the process of some of life’s biggest (and most stressful) moments, whether they’re buying a home, sending a kid to college, or taking out a personal loan to pay a medical bill.  

And this year, our customer service reps did all of that with the added stress of the pandemic. For many, this meant working remotely, juggling pets and sick children, and even becoming a makeshift therapist for customers going through hard times. Luckily, LendingTree customer service reps are passionate about helping others, and their passion shines through every day. 

“My favorite part about helping customers is knowing that I’m actually making an impact in someone’s financial future, giving them the help they deserve,” says Janet Pressley, Contact Center Representative at LendingTree.” 

Sometimes that help isn’t what a customer originally hoped for, like when a customer isn’t eligible for a certain loan or interest rate. But even in these instances, customer contact representatives can make a difference, providing advice for how a customer should move forward.  

One customer review describes this type of situation well: 

“Today’s experience was wonderful even though I didn’t get my loan. With your help, I understand what I need to do to get my home loan refinance. By paying off some debt and using your Ovation Credit Repair Service, I have a great chance of getting a home refinance. Thank you!” 

It’s these types of interactions that give our customer service reps their power. And, as they know, power doesn’t always look like prizes and superheroes — sometimes it looks like the simple satisfaction of knowing you made a difference. Tomika Reeves, a LendingTree Contact Center Representative, sums it up best:  

“It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing I played a part in assisting them with their loan needs.”