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Why I plan to link my bank account to my LendingTree account

Written by

Jonathan McFadden


September 28, 2020

I don’t know about you, but missing even one monthly payment can send me on the verge of a panic attack. It’s even more nerve-racking when you’re juggling multiple payment dates with no idea what you’re spending month to month or where you might have room to save.

Fortunately, LendingTree’s cooked up a helpful solution. We recently launched a new way to help customers get a handle on their spending, improve their budgeting and keep track of their monthly payments.

You can now link your bank account to your LendingTree account. That gives you a comprehensive look at your budget, spending habits and cash flow in the same place you get your credit score, savings recommendations and free identity monitoring. Simply, it’s consolidating your most important financial information in one place, so you don’t have to use multiple services or apps to get a gauge on your financial health.

The way I see it, adding my bank account information to my LendingTree account is just another step to building a more secure financial future. There are plenty more benefits to connecting your bank account to LendingTree. Here’s a breakdown.

Learning more about my money

Adding my bank account will help peel back the layers of how I’m spending my money with deeper insights into my overall cash flow and transaction history. I’ll see what’s coming in and what’s going out, so I can carefully identify spending trends across my checking and savings accounts, loans and credit cards.

Budgeting with a boost

Speaking of spending, I’ll also be able to set my own budget and sign up for helpful alerts that notify me if I’m overspending or right on track. Instead of manually managing all my expenses, I’ll get recommendations on what my budget should look like based on my income.

Getting smarter savings suggestions

I constantly look for easy ways to save money for all the crazy stuff life throws at you. I’ve always had saving alerts in my LendingTree account, so that’s nothing new. But, adding my bank account means those alerts become a lot more relevant.

LendingTree compares my current loans and credit cards to recommend how I can save on my monthly payments or over the life of my loans by finding better offers. Now, because the dashboard will monitor all my money, it’ll make precise, meaningful savings calculations for my loans and credit cards. I’ll know just how much I can save, down to the dollars and cents.

Avoiding missed payments 🙌 

Like I mentioned earlier, keeping up with various payment dates across several bills is frustrating and leaves a lot of room for error. LendingTree will show me all my upcoming payment dates, so the risk of missing one is minimal.

Managing my money securely 

If you’re anything like me, the idea of connecting your bank account to an app or digital service makes you a tad uneasy. But, LendingTree uses vetted security measures to keep customers’ data safe. (You can learn more about that here.) Plus, most of us do our business online now, anyway. It’s fairly normal.

Embracing the one-stop shop advantage

You may be thinking: “Well, there are a lot of budgeting apps that help you manage your spending.”

You’re not wrong. But, the reason I like LendingTree is because it does all those things other apps do while also giving me unlimited access to my credit score and credit report. It offers a look at my financial future, a deep analysis of how I’m doing on my credit factors and a library of helpful resources if I need to dispute errors on my accounts or ever seek credit repair. It’s a one-stop shop for all my financial health needs.

Plus, I work here, so I got a front row seat to see these features come together.

Oh, and it’s free

There’s no paying for this new feature. All I have to do is sign into LendingTree and choose to link my accounts. If you don’t already have a LendingTree account, sign up here. If you’ve got one without access to your free credit score, make sure you upgrade (for free) to take advantage of these new benefits.