LendingTree CEO: ‘Black Lives Matter’

Written by

Doug Lebda


June 4, 2020

As outcry continues following the death of George Floyd and many other Black people at the hands of law enforcement, LendingTree is taking an unequivocal stance against racial injustice.

Like so many in America, we are outraged by the persistent violence and racial injustice experienced by the Black community.

Our company is a community itself, and the people in it exist in their own communities in locations across the country. Internally, our stance as a company is clear:

At LendingTree we expect a community of equality and inclusion, one where hate and racism have no place.

Externally, to you our customers, we want to foster communities that support honest conversations across different experiences. We want to promote communities that lead with empathy, places where all people are seen, heard and respected.

We mention both our broader communities and the one internally because we believe change starts close to home. We’re encouraging important conversations about racial injustice within our company, fostered by our employee-led Diversity and Inclusion Group. We hope those conversations will find their way home to our families and the places they live. We encourage you to do the same.

The roots of systemic racism run deep and exist in areas beyond America’s police. That’s why the LendingTree Foundation supports organizations locally and nationally that fight against economic disparity, and we will continue to do so.

We stand in solidarity with the millions across the country standing up and speaking out for racial justice. BLACK LIVES MATTER.