Life amid crisis: How you can master the pivot

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June 18, 2020

Without a doubt, COVID-19 has become the bane of 2020’s existence. If we’re not careful, the coronavirus will make its way into every conversation. It will consume our thoughts. And, if we let it, it will ruin some of life’s most precious moments. From international travel to milestone celebrations, no person or occasion is exempt. So, what are we to do?

Enter: The Pivot.

Through the haze of uncertainty and anxiety comes resiliency and the ability to accept our current reality and adapt to a new norm. Millions around the world are doing just that. If your plans were derailed due to COVID, take a few tips from some ‘pivot masters’:

2020 Graduates 

While few things compare to the thrill of walking across the stage with diploma in hand, you can still bring the pomp and circumstance for your grad. Here’s what some families are doing:

  • Parades. Corral the troops, decorate your cars (the wilder, the better!), make signs and posters, and drive by your graduate’s house. Honk your horns, pull out the noisemakers, and make as much commotion as possible! Pro Tip: Make sure your graduate will appreciate this display of love first and maybe give the neighbors a heads up! 
  • Makeshift ceremonies. Create an at-home, backyard ceremony – stage and all. Let your grad march down a makeshift aisle in their cap and gown. Perhaps even invite a guest speaker to inspire your graduate and present their well-earned diploma.
  • Drop-in, drive up parties. Take the party outside and invite the crew to stop by in shifts. Create a cool backdrop, crank up the music, and maybe provide a few masks to allow others to join the (socially distant) party.

2020 Weddings

COVID-19 has engaged couples all over the world in a rescheduling quandary. But many pandemic brides decided to keep their original wedding date, and just go with it! Here are their tips:

  • Keep it simple. Rent an Airbnb with a beautiful patio or water-front view, cut your list to the bare minimum, and Zoom the rest of your guests in. You may find that a simplified version of your vision is less stressful and better for your budget.
  • Make it memorable. A scaled-down affair doesn’t have to be a complete sacrifice. With a reduced guest list, perhaps you can splurge on more flowers, upgraded china, specialty linens, a plated dinner, etc. Be sure to keep your photographer, videographer, makeup artist, hairstylist, planner – all the vendors you had on board previously. Together they can help create beautiful, lasting memories.
  • Make it a twofer. You can still celebrate with your friends … just do it later. Host your ceremony now and reschedule the reception for a ‘to be determined’ date. Or, keep your ceremony and reception intimate, and plan a first-anniversary bash.

Remember: when you’re marrying the love of your life, it doesn’t matter how you do it. You’ll be together in the end, and that, in itself, is golden.

2020 Babies 

Between solo doctor visits and canceled baby showers, parents of newborns are adapting doubly. Here’s what a few ‘pandemic parents’ recommend:

  • Bond as a family: Restricted visitors and remote work allow parents more alone time than they may have planned. Take advantage of the quiet to connect as a couple and bond with your baby.
  • Go virtual. Being alone doesn’t mean you can’t share your joy. Schedule a video chat for family and friends to meet your new baby. It’s not as good as an in-person cuddle, but it’s much safer for all!
  • Be gracious. Even if your baby shower is canceled, your family and friends still want to ‘love on you.’ Let them spoil you! Complete your registry, welcome porch drop-offs and accept special deliveries. In return, share loads of pictures and videos of your little one.

Inevitably, life will go on – with or without COVID-19. We do well to embrace the pivot and consider it a part of life’s journey.