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How to bounce back after a money pitfall

By Jonathan McFadden on January 23, 2020

Some people believe women spend money more frivolously than men. We don’t agree, and neither does a British executive recently featured in The New York Times. Anne Boden, CEO of... read more

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Ways you can spot (and avoid) a financial scam

By Jonathan McFadden on July 24, 2019

If there’s one thing we understand at LendingTree, it’s this: Money makes people emotional. And when emotions are high, clear decision-making gets harder. Enter the scammer. Whether it’s an... read more

Money Matters

6 in 10 consumers think now is a good time to buy a home

By Crissinda Ponder on July 23, 2019

Homebuying season is underway — and demand is strong. Perhaps encouraged by lower mortgage interest rates, a large number of people who would like to buy a home in the coming year are hopping off... read more

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Reverse mortgages: what’s real vs. what’s not

By Jonathan McFadden on July 22, 2019

From seizing your house to evicting your spouse, reverse mortgages often get a bad rap. That’s mostly because they’re misunderstood. If handled correctly, reverse mortgages can be lucrative... read more


Survey: Half of Americans would choose dream home over debt payoff

By Crissinda Ponder on July 18, 2019

We surveyed Americans about their dream home, and learned about some key generational differences — and similarities. We also asked what respondents would give up in order to live in their dream... read more

Customer Stories

Small biz funding keeps cheese shop afloat

By Melissa Wylie on July 15, 2019

Jennifer Dwyer used family savings three years ago to start a specialty cheese and charcuterie shop in Cape Cod, Mass. But when she needed outside capital to help make ends meet, her bank turned her... read more


3 money mistakes I made traveling abroad

By Jonathan McFadden on July 11, 2019

At least once a year, I get this overwhelming urge to travel outside the U.S. So, when a good friend paid for my flight to Auckland, New Zealand, one of my top bucket-list destinations, I couldn’t... read more

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