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  • from Garden Grove, CA - January, 2019

    "I was very impressed with how patient and self explanatory they explained how the best way to pay back my loan. I really appreciated that comfort that I received with your 2 Customer Service Representatives. I apologize that I don't have there names, but they were awesome. I will recommend my family and friends."

  • (4.9 of 5) 77 Reviews
    from Carol Stream, IL - February, 2019

    "A quick way to get a business loan! Justin did great!"

  • (4.9 of 5) 75 Reviews
    from Bally, PA - February, 2019

    "Excellent experience with Jasmine Jamil, Business Advisor for Rapid Finance. She spoke with me at length, during a very stressful time, assuring me personally that we were making the right decision entrusting our financing needs to Rapid Finance. Having previously dealt with some very intense and abrupt calls from other finance companies, I can honestly say, w ith Jasmine Jamil, I felt like I was speaking with an old friend who was truly compassionate about our unique situation. She not only comprehensively explained our current options, but also took the time and interest in understanding every aspect of our business to be sure Rapid Finance would be able to assist us in the future with consolidations and immediately furnished us with accurate details of our near future options as well. I know she honestly would NOT have led us into any taking on any new financial responsibilities, if she thought for a second it would result in nothing less than growth for our business. We were just trying to get a bit of breathing room with our working capital, however, Jasmine Jamil had bigger and better ideas for us. She then advocated for us, expedited the entire process and we had secured the funding we needed in less than 48 hours from the minute we first spoke. She jumped through all the hoops on our behalf, and every time I needed to speak to her, she was personally available immediately. I cannot recommend Rapid Finance more highly. Call Rapid Finance directly and ask for Jasmine Jamil! I wish I had this information sooner! 10 STARS!!!"... Read More

  • from South Windsor, CT - February, 2019

    "Blake Griffin was my representative. I got the loan amount I was looking for with minimal paperwork. I heard back from two other lenders first but already turned down there offers because the rates were completely absurd. I did not expect a reasonable offer from anyone on lending tree so I was pleasantly surprised when Tayco got back to me. I think I could jump throu gh hoops with a local bank and save a few % but for the limited paperwork and ease I took the deal."... Read More

  • (4.9 of 5) 19 Reviews
    from Jonesboro, GA - January, 2019

    "Steve was very professional, concerned about the privacy of my accounts and interested in long term outcomes for my company . Great experience."

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  • (4.7 of 5) 32 Reviews
    from Rosemead, CA - February, 2019

    "Finance Factory secured a $40k business line of credit for me at rates lower than other offers I rcvd. they also were actually able to get the initial aproval increased from 30-40k. i'm using the money to send my guys to a training class to better serve my automotive repair shop. thanks guys "

  • from West Hollywood, CA - January, 2019

    "We needed a loan to consolidate our credit cards and the Business Backer was there to help us. We got a great loan and fast. I highly recommend the Business Backer for your business needs."

  • (4.9 of 5) 17 Reviews
    from Garden City, NY - October, 2018

    "Dante was very helpful and worked hard to get me the terms I needed to make this happen. This loan will help me to build credit for my business. I would not have been able to do so without Dante. Thank you for all your help and expertise."

  • (4.9 of 5) 13 Reviews
    from Newport Beach, CA - February, 2019

    "I have never gone out for a loan for my business, so I didn’t know what to expect. I was bombarded with people pushing me to sign up with them, which made me feel uneasy. Clifford Chan at Funding Merchant was not that pushing guy and was very helpful getting me what I need to help expand my business. He will be my go-to guy for small loans because he will make it hap pen."... Read More

  • from PANORAMA CITY, CA - March, 2018

    "Fast and most efficient Funfing company we have ever dealt with."

  • (4.6 of 5) 26 Reviews
    from Worcester, MA - January, 2019

    "Loan shark type rates. I have A credit and over 10 years in business. The loan they offered me was no joke 40% interest. I can get it under 10% with longer terms. If your stupid enough or desperate enough to take a business loan like that just close your doors. "

  • (4.7 of 5) 13 Reviews
    from Worcester, MA - January, 2019

    "I have 10 years in business A credit even a good D-U-N-S number and credit file. Reliant offered me a loan at 50% interrest. I can't imagine anyone would take a loan like that with the intention to repay it. I can under 12% with 24 month terms or go to a real bank with all the paperwork and get it under 10% . What a joke. "

  • (5 of 5) 1 Review
    from Pompano Beach, FL - April, 2018

    "From the start my encounter with Uplyft Capital has been most pleasant and very professional. They took the time to listen to my companies needs. The where able to provide my company and myself the amount of funding that has helped my business. Since getting funded we have doubled in business. I will highly recommend this company. "

  • (4.8 of 5) 70 Reviews
    from Hollywood, FL - September, 2018

    "I had a great experience with Seek business Capital. The staff where very helpful . From Heather to Richard to Shannon . They were very nice and respectful and understood my situation and concern. They was fair and also very kind. I would definitely recommend seek capital to anyone "

  • (4.8 of 5) 29 Reviews
    from NORMAN, OK - October, 2017

    "Chris Crumley of snapap provided excellent customer service for me throughout the loan process. His diligence for completing the loan in a timely manner was greatly appreciated, his professionalism speaks highly of his character. Snapcap has a very thorough loan process from application to distribution of funds. The young lady who did the closing on the phone was very courteous and professional as well. She took the time to explain the closing process and made sure I understood all the questions. I'm sorry I didn't get her name, but she is to be commended as well. I appreciate my experience with the snapcap group. Thank you, and "Have a blessed day!"... Read More