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  • from Union City, GA - February, 2017

    "In the world of creative and innovative business funding there are literally thousands of options these days. I had been overwhelmed by offer, emails and regular mail opportunities to enhance and expand my successful business. After careful consideration and in depth due diligence I decided to contact Seek Capital and from my initial phone conversation was impress ed by the high level of professionalism, courtesy and customer service. Their process, paperwork and projections are very clear, spot on and not inflated. They are honest, genuine and experts in their field of business and finance. And they really know what they are talking about! If I had any apprehensions, which I did not, they would have been resolved after their timely delivery of services and funding(s) . They are legitimate and I highly refer them. Special kudos to Gabe, Aaron and Patrick who I have worked with extensively and successfully"... Read More

  • (4.9 of 5) 40 Reviews
    from Zapata, TX - February, 2017

    "soon as i spoke with the rapid rep, he was really eager to help. laid out all my cards on the table, discussed my current situation and had all my questions answered too. after all that he was still able to help my business out when other banks and lenders wouldn't. now i rated the rates and closing costs as excellent because they were. the only thing i was iffy a bout was the payback style which is on a daily basis, something i was not used to at all, but considering my needs at the time i decided to overlook that small detail and move forward with them. to this day i'm glad i took that leap of faith. the "responsiveness" and "customer service" is also rated as excellent because they are too. very attentive professional people, even if you can't catch your rep on the phone when you need him/her someone else is always there to answer your call so you don't have to worry about any wait times. overall very good, very awesome experience with this company"... Read More

  • (4.5 of 5) 2 Reviews
    from Rose Hill, KS - October, 2015

    "I have been using Kabbage for several months now to keep cash flow for my small contracting company. They have helped with everything from purchasing small equipment and materials to hiring help. Having a reliable line of credit to draw on is a blessing in this industry."

  • (5 of 5) 2 Reviews
    from Reynoldsburg, OH - November, 2016


  • (5 of 5) 1 Review
    from San Angelo, TX - April, 2016

    "SmartBiz is definitely the way to go for an SBA loan. They (especially Steven) made the whole process a piece of cake!"

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  • (5 of 5) 1 Review
    from Wells, ME - May, 2016

    "StreetShares was worked very well for our small business. From the application process to paying the loan off in full, everything was very streamlined and simple to complete. We had our funds in a couple of days. I would use them again in a minute and also recommend them to anyone needing a business loan."

  • (4.9 of 5) 14 Reviews
    from Raymond, NH - December, 2016

    "I wanted to thank Tyler and his team for helping me out with working capitol. The process was pretty quick and easy. Funding went through in a reasonable amount of time. Within 3 days from start to finish I was funded. Thanks again. Warren"

  • (5 of 5) 1 Review
    from San Clemente, CA - February, 2017

    "Lendio provided a fantastic customer experience. I was looking for $35,000 and needed help finding a lender to help my situation. My rep treated me like a business partner and truly cared about getting me the best loan option for my situation. I got a great rate and am happy with the entire process. Highly recommend!"

  • (4 of 5) 1 Review
    from San Marcos, CA - August, 2016

    "Good choice for small, relatively new businesses in need of working capital. We will be using our loan to expand/grow our business. Fast, personal service too!"

  • (2.5 of 5) 2 Reviews
    from Lake Oswego, OR - January, 2017

    "They were happy to loan money for my business. The rates are 47%APR, payments taken daily from merchant services over a period of 18months. They charged $2500 origination fee, and you can not pay off early without penalty. They will get every dime even if you pay off early. For example, if you take the loan today and want to pay it off tomorrow you will pay 100% o f the principle and 75% of the interest at loan maturity. Basically, you can pay off early but it won't save you anything in interest. Do not work with them unless you are desperate for working capital and have exhausted all other options. Also, go to the Better Business Bureau New York and read all of the complaints. Do not let the A+ BBB rating fool you. Plenty of people have complained"... Read More

  • (3.2 of 5) 8 Reviews
    from Dallas, TX - December, 2016

    "My experience with Currency Capital was a good one. I got a loan for payroll and supplies and the relationship manager who helped me with the loan was courteous and nice. With the loan, I've gotten more capital, and I'd be looking somebody else to give me some money if I didn't get it. "

  • (4.4 of 5) 9 Reviews
    from Lisbon, ME - January, 2017

    "Matt Sochurek ceo just emailed me on 1/17/17 admitting he only closes 5% or 200 of 4000 applications per month. Yet not one email or website i applied said that in big bold letters. If self employed dont waste time or data to finance factory they cherry pick best of best basically imho the ones who can afford to self fund their business and have better credit than me at 710 credit score and better than 80k gross income. Good luck getting 5 yr consolidation loan.We appreciate your candor; however we were never able to speak with you on the phone to fully discuss our funding programs and qualifying parameters. Upon reviewing your credit and income, the Debt to income ratio was well above the acceptable threshold of 40% max for our lenders; in fact it was more than double. Lenders do not underwrite based off of gross income, they look at adjusted gross income and the tax return we reviewed showed a lot of expenses written off with very little add-backs. We strive to help as many clients as possible, but, unfortunately, more clients don't get funded than do. We wish we could've explained all of this to you on the phone and explored other potential funding options."... Read More

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