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Do You Need to Hire a Business Manager for Your Small Business?

Business managers are individuals with the role of overseeing employees and activities to ensure they are aligned with the company’s overall goals. It can be hard to know if and when you need to hire a business manager for your small business. Often, small business owners need to wear different hats and do many jobs as the business gets started. It can be difficult for someone in this position to hand over control of some tasks, but it can also be a helpful and productive way to turn your focus to the big picture, while someone else handles employees and project execution.

Stalled Growth

When your business’ growth slows down, it might be time to consider whether you need to hire a business manager for your small business. Often, stalled growth is a sign that you are focusing too much on executing the day-to-day tasks and not on next steps for the business. Hiring a business manager can free up some of your time to strategize growth while someone else oversees the routine work.

Feeling Overwhelmed

Business owners are going to always be busy and face a lengthy to-do list every day. Having a full plate goes with the territory, but you may come to a place where you are feeling extremely overwhelmed – maybe your workload is starting to negatively affect your health or you are making frequent mistakes that are costing the business. If this is the case, it might be time to offload some of your work so you can take care of yourself and the company.


If you run a business with a physical location that customers and clients visit frequently, you might need a business manager. You can’t possibly spend all your time running things at the location. You must have a manager in charge there so you can leave when you need to and ensure customer concerns, employee issues, and logistical needs are handled in your absence.

Staff Attrition

When you are losing good employees, a business manager could be of value. A business manager can focus more thoroughly on staff performance and individual needs than you can alone, helping to train and retain talented employees. When you are trying to wear all the hats and manage everything on your own, you probably won’t be able to give each staff member the attention they want and need. A business manager can be devoted to ensuring staff is motivated, performing, and moving the company in the right direction.

Changes on the Horizon

Whether it’s simply growth or a change in the structure or mission of the company, a business manager can help lead the company in a new direction. Existing employees may need to be retrained and processes revamped. This could be too big of a job for you to do on your own. Ensure that you hire your business manager before you enter the company’s new phase so she can help you organize the rollout and ease the transition.

It might be hard to admit you need help or to trust someone else with control in your company, but hiring a business manager for your small business could be the thing that takes your company to the next level. If you think your business could benefit from a business manager but it’s just not in the cards financially, consider a small business loan or another type of financing.


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