Central Business Funding Loans Review

What is Central Business Funding?

Since 2009, Central Business Funding has provided loan packaging and consulting services to individuals and businesses, working to find lenders that fit their specific needs. The Las Vegas-based company also acts as a broker between a business and lender.

Central Business Funding works with a wide array of lenders and aims to connect its clients with all possibilities for funding. To help find the best lending match, the company assigns borrowers to a mentor to guide through the application process. Additionally, Central Business Funding also provides consulting and package preparation services. These services assist in improving one’s chances for securing business financing.

Lender highlights

What stands about Central Business Funding is its preparation process. It offers a comprehensive array of tools to prepare small businesses for the loan application process. Coaches provide guidance on how businesses can improve their odds of getting a loan. Central Business Funding works with businesses to develop loan packages, and can create a website or assist in the development of a business plan if needed. Essentially, Central Business Funding, in addition to connecting businesses with different options for loans, also focuses on preparing a business to apply for a loan.

What Central Business Funding offers

Funding source access: As a broker, Central Business Funding provides a number of loan options to small businesses. Each will vary on a case-by-case basis depending on the specifications and needs of each business. Its current list of offerings from their lender network includes:

  • Microloans: Microloans are smaller loans typically between $500 and $50,000 with payback terms between one and three years. These often serve businesses unable to secure funding from traditional loans. Microloans arranged Central Business Funding generally consist of a $15,000 loan and a line of credit.
  • Business loans: These loans are typically larger and offer fixed repayment terms. Usually, businesses need at least one year of revenue. Business loans arranged by Central Business Funding run from $25,000-$250,000 for startups and go up to $350,000 for more established businesses.
  • Lines of credit: A line of credit is an amount of money available to you to borrow, but you only pay interest on the amount you use. Secured lines of credit require collateral that can be seized if you don’t repay your borrowings. Unsecured lines are generally riskier and come with higher interest rates. Lines of credit arranged by Central Business Funding start at $15,000.

Funding assessment: Central Business Funding coaches and assesses the readiness of a business to apply for loans. Coaches highlight the steps a business needs to take to increase their chances of securing business financing, and how to be compliant with underwriting standards. Funding assessments start at $19.95.

Expert consulting: The company works with startups and established small businesses alike to secure SBA loans, startup loans, lines of credit, and other types of business financing from a variety of sources. Rates vary. Recommendations depend on the funding assessment.

Loan package preparation: Central Business Funding works with each small business to develop a business-specific package to present to lenders. The goal is to establish the feasibility of the business and increase the likely approval of the business. Rates vary.

Business plan development: Central Business Funding assists businesses in developing their business plan that outlines the business’s strengths, target audience, competition and overall goals. The plan offers a starting point for a small business owner, while also providing pertinent information for lenders and investors. Rates vary.

BizFunding products: Central Business Funding provides online programs that address different elements of a business that underwriters will review in order to approve a loan such as entity formation, business website and compliance issues. Rates vary for these online programs.

Eligibility requirements

Because Central Business is not a direct lender but rather a company that can help match you to lenders, eligibility requirements will depend on the individual lender’s requirements.

Businesses that are not eligible for Central Business Funding loans:

Not every business is eligible for Central Business Funding’s services. Ineligible business are businesses that have experienced a bankruptcy in the last two years along with nonprofit organizations.

How to apply for Central Business Funding financing

Central Business Funding serves as a broker, connecting businesses to lenders. The first step to secure funds is to contact Central Business Financing through its website’s “Contact Us” page or speaking with a loan analyst by phone at 866-694-4466.


Pros Cons
 Central Business Funding offers preparation services for potential loan applicants.   Preparing a strong package will be an additional, albeit possibly necessary investment for an entrepreneur or small business owner.

Who is the best fit?

Startups and other new businesses may benefit from Central Business Funding’s various services and preparation tools. For instance, if a company needs to form an LLC, the company can help the business attain that formation designation. Central Business Funding can help address issues that newer businesses typically face. Central Business Funding can also help find multiple options for businesses with poor credit.

Fine Print

Central Business Funding doesn’t list the various options for funding on their website because of the wide variety of financing options its network of lenders offers, according to the company. That can make it difficult for small business owners to comparison shop without committing to Central Business Funding’s process. It’s also prudent for business owners to understand the costs associated with any additional services before signing up for them.


The bottom line: How Central Business Funding stacks up

A new business or business with poor credit could benefit from Central Business Funding’s full-service capability of loan preparation and sourcing loan options to get a customized deal. But that comes with costs for those services. A do-it-yourself business owner with enough time could get preparation advice from a small business development center for free and then shop around for the best option at multiple lenders.

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