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Just a few of the perks of working here...

  • Biannual cash bonus eligibility We are not talking about a “participation ribbon” for showing up! We pay cash bonuses twice a year to all our employees when we hit our goals for a quarter.
  • In house gym & personal trainers Who has time for a workout? We do, especially when our personal trainer offers classes – before, during and after work hours. We even have two workout rooms in the Charlotte office.
  • Casual work environment At LendingTree, you can dress as swanky as you want….or as comfortably as you want.
  • Awards & recognition Our quarterly GSD (Getting “Stuff” Done, according to HR) award is announced in our Town Hall meetings. We also have spot bonuses, shout-outs, and a picture of the CEO who will mysteriously appear on your desk.
  • Unlimited vacation days Yes, we are all adults here! This doesn’t mean you can take off all the work days in months with an “r”. It means we all know that we need to get our work done and keep our bosses happy, even while we take some time off work.
  • 401(k) matching While we’d love people to work here forever, you really should plan for the days after your retirement party. To help the Company will match 50% of your 401K contributions into our plan up to the first 6%.
  • Daily catered lunch in Charlotte What’s better than the craft table at a movie shoot? OK that may be a bit of an oversell since you probably won’t meet any movie stars at our lunches…but it’s just $3!
  • Innovative work environment This one should be obvious as you learn more about LendingTree. What other company includes the things we’ve listed in their recruiting site?

Are you a superhero?

Everyone would love to be the headliner, but not everyone can hit that high note.

You can send us the standard resume and cover letter for consideration, but how will that set you apart from the rest of the crowd? What separates a regular applicant from a future LendingTree Rock Star? You tell us…

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