Build truly outstanding products

Build truly outstanding products for consumers and customers. We help people at incredibly important and complex times in their lives. Find breakthrough ways to surprise and delight them with insight and clarity.

Be open and candid

Be open and candid about our successes and our shortfalls. Mistakes are fine, as long as they’re small, quick, not repeated, and we learn from them. When we celebrate wins, try to also point out why something succeeded so we can learn from that too. Be candid and honest about our business, our products, our processes, and our people.

Act with urgency and creativity

Search for ideas everywhere, inside and outside the company. Test, debate, and develop ideas until you quickly find the best answer. Then, execute with urgency and a sense of purpose.

Take Charge

Take charge. Ask for the ball. Make a decision and stand by it. Or at least step up and propose a clear course of action, and if you can’t get an answer quickly, move out.

Set goals and be accountable

There is never a dull moment! Sometimes your head spins and sometimes there are bumps in the road, but it is all worth it. You work with amazing people, in a dynamic environment, where good things are happening, and you have the chance to dive in to help make them happen.

Commit to excellence

Have big ambitions. Live up to your full potential. Keep learning, and don’t be afraid to take on more responsibility and tackle larger challenges. And, to live up to your full potential as a leader, it’s critical that you empower, encourage, help, and teach others so they can reach their full potential too.

Life at LendingTree

Our Culture. Our pride.

Want to wear shorts and comfy shoes to work? No problem! Our clothes are casual, but our work ethic is anything but. Every one of us is expected to challenge the status quo, to have an opinion and to stand up, ask for the ball and run with it to meet our aggressive goals… then we have some fun! We reward innovation, creativity and the ability to just GET STUFF DONE. If you are one of these people, then read on to see how you can start loving what you do every day!

More On Our Culture

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