Meet the management

Doug Lebda

Company Founder and CEO

After experiencing the frustrations and complexities of getting his first mortgage, Doug Lebda envisioned a way to empower consumers in the loan process where banks compete for the customers’ business. In 1996, Doug founded LendingTree which revolutionized how consumers shop for loans and how lenders reach new customers.

After launching nationally in July 1998, Doug led LendingTree through a successful IPO in 2000, through the dot-com meltdown of 2001 and a successful sale to IAC/InterActiveCorp in 2003. From 2005 to 2008, Doug served as IAC’s President and Chief Operating Officer, and in 2008, rejoined LendingTree as it spun out from IAC as a separate public company.

Before founding LendingTree, Doug worked as an auditor and consultant for PriceWaterhouseCoopers after receiving his Bachelor’s degree from Bucknell University.

Neil Savage


Neil manages LendingTree’s daily operations including sales, business development, and partner operations. Neil and his team are additionally responsible for managing company revenue and LendingTree’s contact center. He brings over 15 years of sales and business development leadership to his role.

Nikul Patel

Chief Strategy Officer

Nikul Patel initially joined LendingTree in 2012 as SVP of Product. Nikul now serves as the company’s Chief Product and Strategy Officer and is responsible for LendingTree’s corporate strategy, product innovation, and customer experience.

J.D. Moriarty

Chief Financial Officer

J.D. Moriarty joined the Company in June 2017 as Senior Vice President for Corporate Development, responsible for strategic acquisitions. In August 2017, he was appointed Chief Financial Officer, with the additional responsibility of corporate development, analytics and investor relations.

Paul Tyma

Chief Technology Officer

A long-time tech industry expert and influencer, Dr. Paul Tyma joined the LendingTree team in May 2016 to lead the continued advancements of the LendingTree platform and help bring our technology to life. He has built and run engineering teams at LinkedIn and Morgan Stanley and spent 3 years at Google as an engineer working on internal server development.

Brad Wilson

Chief Marketing Officer

Brad Wilson joined LendingTree in July 2017 as Chief Marketing Officer, overseeing LendingTree’s brand strategy, marketing operations and consumer engagement across multiple brands and channels. Wilson came to LendingTree with a highly successful track record of driving growth and profitability for recognizable consumer brands including Travelocity, Nutrisystem and

Carla Shumate

SVP, Chief Accounting Officer and Treasurer

Carla Shumate has served as Chief Accounting Officer of LendingTree since January 31, 2013. Carla joined the company in December 2012 from King Pharmaceuticals, Inc. where she held various positions from 2001 until 2012, including Senior Vice President and Controller since 2005. Previously, Carla held various positions with PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP from 1993 until 2000, including Manager from 1998 until 2000. Carla received her Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Wake Forest University and has been a Certified Public Accountant since 1997.

Sam Mischner

Head of Sales and Mortgage

Sam joined LendingTree in October 2013 and tasked with managing the migration to LendingTree’s current call center platform. Today, Sam and his team are responsible for maintaining and growing LendingTree’s vast network of lenders through new client and lender sales. Sam manages LendingTree’s home lending product marketplace by creating strategic partnerships while also ensuring LendingTree’s customers have access to only the most qualified lenders available for their financial needs.



Lenny is a cute, cuddly, cynical, bitingly honest, ultra-confident company spokes-puppet. Lenny has no problem saying what we all wish we could. And because he knows everything there is to know about LendingTree he has become a huge advocate, popping-up in unexpected situations to share the message of shopping for loans with everyone willing to listen.