Who We Are

LendingTree is a lot more than mortgages. We also offer services for autos, home improvement pros, education as well as marketplace for other various financial services. Together, these services serve as an ally for consumers who are looking to comparison shop from multiple businesses and professionals who will compete for their business.

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Meet the management

A closer look at our executive team

Doug Lebda

Company Founder and CEO

After experiencing the frustrations and complexities of getting his first mortgage, Doug Lebda envisioned a way to empower consumers in the loan process where banks compete for the customers’ business. In 1996, Doug founded LendingTree which revolutionized how consumers shop for loans and how lenders reach new customers.

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Meet Lenny

The uncanny spokes puppet of LendingTree

Lenny is our cute, cuddly, cynical, bitingly honest, ultra-confident, utterly shameless spokespuppet . Lenny has no problem saying what we all wish we could. And because he knows everything there is to know about LendingTree, he has plenty of ammunition to make banks really squirm.

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