Cardholder Reviews (2)

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solid cash, better if you bank with BofA

i've had this card for many years now. it was once the very best cash back offer out there. if you are big on gas & groceries it still can be, even more if you bank with BofA. always liked the card and the service and definitely a keeper.

ShopSafe Option

This card is SOOO useful, if for nothing else, for the fact that you can use the ShopSafe feature to generate random credit card numbers on the fly when buying online. This allows you to buy with confidence from a site that you may not completely trust with you credit card information. You set your own expiration date and max credit limit for the individual credit number you generate (which is then linked back to your real account). So no matter what, that card cannot be charged after the expiration or for more than what you specify! Brilliant! And the cash rewards are a nice bonus, but I usually just put that as a credit towards my balance. Info on ShopSafe:

Great way to pay off high interest cards

I opened this card as a way to pay off the last bit of credit card debt I had with a balance transfer. I set up an automatic monthly payment to be sure the balance would be paid off by the end of the 0% introductory period. What's great is since all of my payments are made automatically on time Bank of America chips in a bit with the "Cash Back"!

Great for parents

This isn't the coolest looking card to pull out of your wallet, but it earns cash back FAST. The gas & grocery cash back rate is great and doesn't change like other cards.