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if all cash back point is updated 150dollars,after the third month spending 5,000 dollars



Good card if you pay balance every month

This is a great card for cash rewards and intro bonus, but don't get this card if you maintain a high balance usually. The interest rate is very high and that's how they can give the extra cash back. Also doesn't look like a good card if you are going to transfer a balance. To sum it up, this is a great card if you pay off your full balance every month.


it would be good for other pople

Great Card!

I got this card back in early December 2016 just in time for December Black Friday. I bought an $899 HP laptop with 256GB solid state drive and touch screen for $499+tax and immediately qualified for the $150 reward. I saved $549 (paid only $350 for the laptop) and have been enjoying the 1.5% cash back on everything from groceries to gas. Great card, love it!

Superior Offering

I have not been approved for this card yet; but comparing it to others I am eligible for, this one offers cash back on unlimited types of purchases, not in categories only approved by Chase. It offers more percentage cash back, as well as a bonus of $150.00 if you spend $500 in a certain time. All of this is why it is an excellent choice with an excellent rating,