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i use business

Great for consolidation after that, not so much.

Great for consolidation of other cards, after that the standard APR is not to good, even if your credit score is excellent. My bank credit card gives me 8.9%APR, While The Chase slate standard APR , can't remember the exact number, but it is more than double that.

Can't Move Debt from Amex

Seems too hard to transfer debt. Only uses 3 digit code witch eliminates debt transfer from American Express.

good rates

good rates

Not Sure if Worth It

725 Credit Score and only got approved for $500. Sigh.

Not worth applying unless excellent

Absolute joke.. my wife and I both applied with good credit and were denied.

it's th a beast

It will help u out in a good way

No help at all

Recommended by lending tree for balance transfer. It was the card of "choice", per lending tree. Have a credit hit for nothing. So glad to see my credit score drop for zero result. Just keep paying like I originally planned.

Patiently waiting

Applied said I had good chance of approval did not get instant approval said I'd either get a card in mail or denial letter.

Very poor service

Worst customer service on the planet. We were approved for a $16,000.00 line of credit on this card. Our decision to go with this card was to use the benefits as advertised. Are plan was to purchase floor installation for Lowes, approximately a $11,000.00. We placed a call into Chase to let them know before we made the purchase of our intent. We were told it would not be a problem. We were denied at the counter. We called Chase to find out why and they said they did not know but that it was good to use. We tried a total of 3 times after repeatedly speaking to several Chase customer service reps who advised they fixed the issue with the same end result. Don't waste your time. Extremely embarrassing and unprecedented lack of service.