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By Ralph W. Miller | Aug. 3, 2016

Discover it® Miles – Double Miles your first year Editor's Rating: 4 / 5

Want to rack up some travel rewards fast? How about never paying for in-flight Wi-Fi again? Foreign Transaction Fees? Gone! In addition to these great benefits, the Discover it® Miles credit card doesn't charge an annual fee, and your APR won't increase if you happen to make a late payment. First time cardholders will definitely find this card has a lot of advantages compared to other cards when it comes to travel rewards.

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Discover it® Miles Overview

The most important thing to know about this card is how to really take advantage of it. It's true, there are other rewards cards that may provide you with better long-term rewards, but the true beauty of this card lies in the double miles you receive your first year as a new cardholder. If you've ever had a travel rewards card, then you know how hard it can be to get enough miles to go anywhere worthwhile. But if you use this card exclusively in the first year, you're going to see those miles really take off. Redeem your miles on expenses like airline tickets, hotel stays, rental cars, commuter transit and cab fares. Receive your rewards either in cash, or automatically credited to your credit card statement.


No annual fee. Many travel rewards cards require an annual fee. But this card's not going to cost you anything to keep it in your wallet.

Never pay for in-flight Wi-Fi again. When's the last time you cringed at paying for in-flight Wi-Fi? It's convenient, but expensive. And it adds significantly to the cost of travel if you're a frequent flyer needing to connect during a flight. Discover it® Miles – Double Miles your first year will reimburse up to $30 for your Wi-Fi, so you can get some work done in-flight, or just stream a movie from Netflix.

No foreign transaction fee. Many cards charge anywhere from a 3-5% transaction fee for purchases made overseas. But not this card. If you're traveling out of the country, just use this card anywhere Discover is accepted, and you won't have to spend a dime on foreign transaction fees.


Discover is not accepted everywhere, especially overseas. Look up your frequently traveled countries to be sure you'll have the spending power you expect with your Discover it® Miles card. One of the biggest complaints from cardholders is not being able to use the card to make purchases, because Discover wasn't accepted at a particular location.

Double your miles is only for your first year. Doubling your miles in the first year is the biggest draw of this card, but it ends after the first year. So chances are you'll want to get a different travel rewards card after the first year for better rewards.

Fee-based cards may offer better rewards. Depending on how much you spend, other credit cards may offer greater rewards. However, the annual fee can really cut into your rewards, so you have to do a little math to determine whether or not it's worth the added benefits. Determine what you anticipate spending, then decide which credit card will give you the highest rewards.

What's it Look Like in Real Life?

Let's say you spend $6500 on the card in your first year. You'll earn 9750 miles, but at the end of the first year, those miles will double, giving you 19,500 miles. That's about a $200 plane ticket, or you could use it on a hotel or even a limousine ride. If you doubled the amount you spent on the card, then you'd have $400. You can redeem miles in any amount as a credit toward purchases on your statement, or receive cash as a direct deposit to your bank account.

Should You Get the Discover it® Miles?

If this is your first travel rewards card, and you have good to excellent credit, then the answer's probably yes. The Discover it® Miles card offers you the chance to really get the most out of the card in your first year. The free in-flight Wi-Fi can be a really big perk if you fly a lot. And since Discover it® Miles is accepted at 9.2 million merchants nationwide, you'll have a lot of opportunities to accumulate miles. Even if you're a seasoned traveler who's already got a few travel rewards cards in your wallet, you may want to carry this too, even if it's just for the free Wi-Fi.

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Great Credit Card

The Discover card is easy to use - not in the sense of being tempted to use it too much - but when I do use my Discover card, there's no hassle. The website is well-designed, loads quickly, the offers are clear, easy to take advantage of, I can apply cash-back rewards to a payment if I want. These are just great features that every card should have.