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Best Cash Back Tools

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best cash back credit card tools

Cash back credit cards let you earn rewards for every dollar you spend – and with almost no effort on your part. Once you sign up for a cash back credit card and use that card to make a purchase, you’ll earn anywhere from 1-5 percent back for every dollar you spend. Sounds easy, right?

It is easy. Plus, it’s an fun way to earn free money on purchases you planned to make anyway. You have bills to pay and groceries to buy, right? You might as well get something in return, and with a cash back credit card, you do.

Still, the best cash back tools help consumers earn more rewards for every dollar they spend. The following list includes some of the best cash back tools out there, and how to use them:


If you struggle to keep track of your rewards balances, AwardWallet can help. With this smartphone app, you can keep all of your log-ins and account management information in one place. Not only that, but you can see how much cash you have accumulated with different card issuers and how many points you earned since your statement closed. Plus, you can see when – and if – your points will ever expire.

If you have more than one cash back credit card, AwardWallet makes it easy to track your balances in one place. Best of all, the basic version of this app is absolutely free.

Cash Back Bonus Categories

Depending on your cash back credit card, you could earn anywhere from 1-5 percent back for every dollar you spend. To maximize your earnings, however, you should search for cards with fixed or rotating bonus categories. While earning 1 percent back is nothing to shake a stick at, certain cards let you earn a lot more cash back in certain categories you can maximize.

LendingTree’s Credit Card Tool

Maximizing cash back is only part of the struggle; on top of that, you have to find the best cash back credit cards for your needs. With LendingTree’s online search tool, you can check out the top offers among both cash back cards and general rewards credit cards. Compare signup bonuses, zero percent balance transfer offers, rewards programs, annual fees, and more.

LendingTree makes it easy to find all the information in one place. Best of all, you can even search for cash back cards based on your credit score.


Tired of trying to figure out which cash back card to use at certain stores? Smorecard.com can help!

Once you sign up for a free account and connect your credit cards, you can log into the app to find out the best way to maximize rewards for each purchase you make.

Whether you’re at the grocery store, a drug store or a restaurant, Smorecard will tell you which of your cards offers the most cash back for your purchase. This perk is especially helpful if you have credit cards with rotating bonus categories that change or fixed bonus categories you can’t keep track of.

Final Thoughts

The best cash back tools help you earn more rewards than you would otherwise. To get the ball rolling with your rewards plan, you should search for the ideal card for your needs. With some basic research and a grasp on your favorite rewards programs, you can increase your rewards totals exponentially over time.

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