Your Guide To Consolidating Debt

Are you feeling overwhelmed with debt? If so, LendingTree can help. We created a debt consolidation guide to show you how you can consolidate your debt in four easy steps. This guide will help you understand what it means to consolidate your debt and will help you straighten out your finances so you can understand what it's like to get (and stay!) out of debt.
  • Step 1: Know How Much Debt You Have

    If you are feeling overwhelmed by debt, there are ways to get it under control. But, before you can do that, you have to follow the first step for debt management – figure out how much debt you actually have. List Out All Your Debts To... Read More

  • Step 2: Choose a Debt Consolidation Loan

    Now that you know how much debt you are carrying, it’s time to set up a plan to pay it off. A debt consolidation loan can be helpful when trying to eliminate debt, because you... Read More

  • Step 3: Set a Timeline to Pay Off Your Debt

    Once you have determined which type of debt consolidation loan is right for you, you need to create a time frame in which to pay down your debt. First, think about your... Read More

  • Step 4: Control Your Spending

    No matter how much debt your have, the key to avoiding more debt is to control your spending. While there is no magic bullet to getting out of debt, keeping your spending in check greatly increases your chances of living debt-free. Make a... Read More