How to get your debt under control

One of the first goals you may have after graduating college and starting your career is getting yourself out of debt. You may have racked up charges on your credit card, or you may have student loans to pay off. Regardless of what kind of debt you have, it’s important to manage your debt well, and as much as possible, pay down your debt to free up money for other things you may want or need.

Debt consolidation
If you are repaying multiple lines of credit and are having a hard time making ends meet each month, a debt consolidation loan may be able to help you better manage your debt. Debt consolidation takes your outstanding loans and consolidates them into one single loan at a lower interest rate, which helps you pay off your debt faster.

Debt consolidation is not a magic bullet that will make your debt disappear. But it can lower your monthly payments and help you stay on top of your bills, as long as you manage it correctly. A common mistake that people make after they consolidate their debt is rack up more charges once their credit cards have been paid off through the consolidation loan. Because your monthly loan payments are lowered, it seems like you have a lot more money to spend. But the “extra” money you save each month should go to paying off more of your debt.

Accelerate your payments
If a debt consolidation loan doesn’t make sense, you can accelerate your debt payments. It can take years to pay off debt if you make only the minimum monthly payments. But if you pay a larger amount each month and control your spending, you can pay off your debts faster.

Remember that if you are in debt, your best defense against incurring even more debt is to cut your spending. You might want to ban yourself from using your credit card until it is paid off. Paying for everything with cash or check can help you manage your spending and keep your debt under control.


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