Financing a home office addition

Are you looking for options to finance a home-office addition? A home office is more and more a common part of today’s homes. As a number of workers telecommute full-time or at least some of the time, a home office has almost become a necessity for many. However, you may find that your current home does not have sufficient space to set up a home office. If you need to add on to your home for a home office, you have several financing options.

Home equity loan

A home equity loan allows you to borrow against the equity in your home. It works much like a mortgage.  It has an interest rate and monthly payment that usually stay the same throughout the term of the loan. A home equity loan typically has a term of 15 years and has a slightly higher interest rate than a first mortgage. If you use a home equity loan to pay for an addition for a home office, you will receive the money in one lump sum and then you make monthly payments to pay it back.

Home equity line of credit

If you do not need the money for your home office all at once but instead need it in stages, a home equity line of credit (HELOC) may be a better fit for you. A HELOC also borrows against the equity in your home. However, instead of receiving the money in one lump sum, the lender loans you money up to a certain amount, which you access as you need it. The interest rate is adjustable and you only pay interest on the amount you withdraw, not the entire line of credit.

Cash-out refinancing

You can also use cash-out refinancing to pay for the addition for your home office. Cash-out refinancing involves taking out a mortgage that has a larger principal than your current mortgage. It turns some of your home equity into cash, which you can use to pay for an addition for a home office.

Personal loan

If you do not want to use the equity in your home to finance a home office, then you may consider a personal loan. However, it may have a higher interest rate than any loan that you get using your home equity.

It is important to understand that if you choose a loan that uses your home equity to finance an addition for a home office, that the loan is secured by your home. That means that if for some reason you default on the loan, you could lose your house. Therefore, you should carefully consider your options and needs before taking out a loan to finance a home office.

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