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Kinecta Federal Credit Union

Kinecta is a financial cooperative owned by its members, not outside investors. Members come first-we work for them. We are a not-for-profit that currently serves thousands of members and are an active participant in the betterment of our communities. As one of the nation’s leading credit unions, we are federally insured and have a portfolio of home mortgage solutions that will meet your needs.

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What is Kinecta?

Kinecta was initially founded as Hughes Aircraft Employees Federal Credit Union in 1940. In 2001, the company changed its name to Kinecta Federal Credit Union. The lender is headquartered in Manhattan Beach, Calif., and in 2017 originated more than $635 million in mortgage loans.

Working with Kinecta

Kinecta focuses on serving customers in Southern California. It has several credit union branches throughout the region, with two mortgage loan centers – one in Orange County and one in Los Angeles.

Kinecta lends on the following types of properties:

  • Single-family homes
  • Multi-family homes (up to 4 units)
  • Condominiums (warrantable)

The company does not offer financing on co-ops, manufactured homes or mobile homes.

Kinecta products

Kinecta offers a number of different mortgage products for buying or refinancing a home or tapping your home’s equity.



Home equity

Kinecta special mortgage programs

Kinecta offers a unique program for homebuyers and sellers. Its HomeAdvantage program is designed to help homeowners navigate the buying or selling process by connecting them with real estate agents and other resources and information.

The HomeAdvantage program is free to join. Buyers and sellers who select and use a real estate agent from the HomeAdvantage network can earn a cash reward equal to 20% of the agent’s commission.

Kinecta also offers free in-person homebuying and selling workshops. Homebuying workshops are designed to help buyers learn about the homebuying process and avoid common first-time buyer mistakes. If you can’t attend a workshop in person, you can watch a video online and download a digital kit.

The mortgage application process

Potential borrowers can start the application process by:

  • Contacting a Kinecta mortgage consultant at 800-854-4501;
  • Providing basic information about yourself and the loan you are looking for on the preapproval form so a mortgage loan consultant can contact you; or
  • Starting an application online.

Terrence Stewart, a mortgage loan consultant with Kinecta’s Manhattan Beach office recommended calling Kinecta’s mortgage division to talk to a live agent who can guide borrowers on the best way to apply in their situation.

Currently, Kinecta has an online portal for applicants to upload W-2s and other documents and send them to their mortgage consultant. Soon, the company will be releasing a new system that will improve the digital application process and, with the borrower’s authorization, connect with their financial institution to retrieve bank statements and other necessary documentation.

Kinecta’s homebuyer kit describes the following steps in the mortgage process:

Loan selection. Review your loan options and discuss them with your mortgage loan consultant.
Application. Once you’ve identified the property you want to purchase and the type of loan that’s best for you, the lender will order your credit report and help you submit an application and required documentation.
Processing. A loan processor will verify the documents you provided and assemble your loan package for underwriting.
Underwriting. An underwriter will order an appraisal of the property and review your loan for approval.
Documentation. The lender will prepare your final documents for closing and gather signatures on all necessary paperwork.
Funding. Kinecta will review your final loan package, send the funds to escrow, and you’ll receive keys to your new home.

Throughout the mortgage application and closing process, the mortgage consultant will be the borrower’s main point of contact.

Pros and cons of a Kinecta mortgage


    Rewards program. Homebuyers and sellers can earn cash rewards by working with a real estate agent from Kinecta’s HomeAdvantage network.
  • Variety of loan programs. Kinecta offers a variety of loan programs, including conventional loans and FHA, USDA and VA-backed loans.
  • Educational resources. Kinecta offers in-person and online homebuyer workshops and a homebuyer kit with resources for first-time buyers.
  • Home maintenance reminders. Kinecta members receive a complimentary subscription to Househappy, an online app that helps homeowners keep track of home maintenance reminders and documentation and provides digital storage for receipts and photos.
  • Accepts low down payments. Kinecta offers home mortgages with down payments as low as 3%.


  • Limited availability. Because Kinecta is specific to Southern California, its programs are not available nationwide.
  • Membership required. Because Kinecta is a credit union, you may be required to apply for membership to get a home mortgage. Certain qualifications are required for membership, but the minimum deposit is just $5.

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