Homeowners: Do This Now If You Ever Plan To Sell

We’ve all heard the tricks: bake fresh bread. No, bake cookies. Paint everything beige. Make your home looked lived in. No, make it a blank slate. Some realtors swear by these tricks. Others laugh them off. But we’ve discovered a mortgage refinancing strategy that could have serious impact on a home’s future selling price. The catch? You have to act today to profit in the future.

Lock in a low interest rate...for your future buyer.

This may sound hard to believe, so we’ll unpack it one step at a time. First, you need to get familiar with a government agency called the Federal Housing Administration. The FHA works with reputable lenders to secure mortgages for several different groups of home buyers. Their current rates are so low, most believe they’re bound to increase soon.

Here’s what’s remarkable: an FHA loan is assumable. What does that mean? You can essentially transfer your mortgage to a future buyer. So if in ten years, interest rates have tripled, the person who purchases your home would also get a bonus: interest rates that no other seller--or banker--could offer. Your home just got a whole lot more attractive.

Big savings for you, starting today.

But an FHA loan doesn’t just reward you in the future. The savings start today. So let’s backtrack: how do you get an FHA loan? Well, there are a couple of ways. First time home buyers can apply for an FHA loan from the outset. But even current homeowners aren’t out of luck. You may qualify to refinance into an FHA loan. With current rock-bottom interest rates, refinancing into an FHA mortgage could save hundreds of dollars each month, or thousands of dollars in interest over the course of the loan.

Lock in a low rate, without the stress.

3.5% Down Payment

Because 20% is so yesterday.

Relaxed Credit Requirements

Scores in the high 500’s and low 600’s can qualify.

Gifts Can Be Put Toward Down Payment

The down payment doesn’t need to come from your paycheck.

Calculate New Payment

Not all banks participate in the FHA loan program, so you have to know where to look. Luckily for you, we’ve done the legwork. LendingTree has assembled some of the nation’s most respected lenders to compete for your business. Check out their blazing fast process today to receive multiple FHA refinance offers, all at no cost or obligation to continue.

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