Groundbreaking Mortgage Technology Is Revolutionizing $2 Trillion Mortgage Industry

Recent studies indicate that homeowners are paying too much on their mortgages

Did you know most people are overpaying on their mortgage? Odds are, you’re overpaying too. People go years paying more than they need to—that could be thousands of dollars potentially wasted.

What’s with all the overpaying? There are dozens of reasons, but the three that seem to apply to most are:

  • They didn’t shop
    People who don’t shop and compare lenders before they buy don’t get the lowest possible rate. That means missing an average of $20,000 in interest savings.
  • They didn’t know
    Millions of people don’t know they qualify for benefit programs that reduce rates even further (programs like HARP, VA benefits, FHA benefits, and more).
  • They got the wrong term
    Did you know you could lower your rate and save a staggering average of $93,000 in interest payments by switching to a 15-year fixed mortgage?

Even customers that follow through on some of the above still pay more each month than they need to. Why leave so much hard earned money on the table month after month? Probably the same reason every single person doesn’t walk into a grocery store with a fistful of coupons—the hassle.

It’s difficult to go through the mortgage process—it’s long, includes multiple face to face meetings and tons of paperwork. That’s where Rocket Mortgage® by Quicken Loans® came in. They asked: what would happen if someone took the hassle out of the mortgage application experience? What would happen if someone made it a simple, online process that took minutes instead of hours? Then how many people would start claiming the mortgage savings to which they’re entitled?

Would you?

One thing’s for sure, It’s worth letting this high-tech tool determine if you can save thousands of dollars on your mortgage. It only takes a few moments, and it’s free.

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