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  • NMLS ID: 2948
    (4.3 of 5) 1896 Reviews
    from Washington, DC - March, 2017

    "A thorough lender looking for you to get the best deal you can. His staff will work with you to do the I's and cross the Ts. He got me a great rate for a 15-year on my dream house."

  • NMLS ID: 423112
    (4.8 of 5) 252 Reviews
    from Elyria, OH - March, 2017

    "Everything from start to finish was quick and easy. great customer service, if i need to ill be using them again."

  • NMLS ID: 400039
    (4.3 of 5) 2291 Reviews
    from Aberdeen, NC - March, 2017

    "Bri Mullen is a loan officer that is a true cut above the rest. Her professionalism, attention to detail, and ability to get the job done at the highest level are second to none. I'm an active duty service member in the Marines and my wife and I were looking to purchase our first home. I'm a very tentative individual who likes to do in depth research on any matter in my personal or professional life, hence buying a home. I researched multiple lenders for comparison of interest rates and customer satisfaction. I then reached out to these lenders and was very displeased with their professionalism and lack of knowledge pertaining to the mortgage process. I then came across NASB and luck would have it that Bri Mullen was the loan officer I spoke with. She has been nothing short of a pleasure to work with and has helped me along every step of the process. She has made me feel how much she truly cares about making this process as stress free as possible for me and has ensured every step along the way. Any individual who is looking to or thinking of purchasing a home in the near future needs to speak with Bri Mullen. She will be my number one recommendation to anyone I personally know. Thank you Bri for all of your hard work and due diligence in making this experience a positive memory for me."... Read More

  • NMLS ID: 260264
    (4.9 of 5) 386 Reviews
    from Guadalupe, CA - March, 2017

    "I had a very pleasant refinancing experience. Explained everything that was going on. I appreciated that since this was my first time refinancing. "

  • NMLS ID: 128231
    (4.7 of 5) 241 Reviews
    from Whittier, CA - November, 2016

    "Very helpful and good follow up"

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  • NMLS ID: 133056
    (4.8 of 5) 103 Reviews
    from Los Angeles, CA - March, 2017

    "he was fast, and we have no problems he was always available to help my experience was great I will recommend him.. Thanks Sean "

  • from Sachse, TX - March, 2017

    "We were very pleased to work with Chris Waymire and his team. We were most impressed with how quickly we would receive answers to our questions and how quickly everything was processed. The title company told us that everything had been ready for closing well before the date and that our lender had done a great job. The whole process was incredibly smooth and stress-f ree. We were pleased with our rate and feel like we couldn't have done better. We highly recommend using Chris Waymire and Triumph Lending."... Read More

  • NMLS ID: 12147
    (4.9 of 5) 485 Reviews
    from Astoria, NY - March, 2017

    "I had a very, very rocky road to homeownership. Something that should have been enjoyable was made horrible by the seller. My only points of happiness was working with my team and Seth from Silver Fin. Although it cost me a few thousand up front because of seller delays, Seth locked me into a lower rate when he knew they would go up saving me more money in the long ru n in my mortgage. That is honestly my only happy part about buying my home is that Seth had the foresight to lock me in before rates went up three times."... Read More

  • NMLS ID: 3035
    (4.7 of 5) 110 Reviews
    from Tampa, FL - March, 2017

    "Here are the reason why i would work with David again: 1-Promised to close on 3 weeks and he delivered. 2-Constant communications via emails, phones and text messages 3-Straight to the point and will take the time to explain each point. 4-Flexible schedule 5-Highly professional and knowledgeable 6-Patient Thanks David"

  • NMLS ID: 76967
    (4.8 of 5) 118 Reviews
    from Brentwood, CA - March, 2017

    "Knowledgeable and honest"

  • NMLS ID: 1345190
    from Hesperia, CA - January, 2017

    "We purchased our house a couple years ago and unfortunately had to pay PMI or accept a higher interest rate. We went with the higher interest rate. Fortunately our house went up in value and we contacted our original mortgage company for a refinance but were surprised at the costs for the loan. We then contacted Jevon Hobbiebrunken at Grander Home Loans. He was by fa r the most honest and efficient loan officer we have ever dealt with. He kept us informed throughout the process which went flawlessly. Everything he said he would do he did, and more. Whatever you do, give him a call if you are looking for a home loan or refinance, you won't regret it. Thanks agai Jevon. "... Read More

  • NMLS ID: 12901
    (4.7 of 5) 142 Reviews
    from Smyrna, DE - January, 2017

    "Nancy Cohen was extraordinary. When she foresaw pending rate increases, she was able to negotiate a 60 hold on the rate rather than a 30 day and saved us $$$. With us being on the East Coast and her being in Phoenix, I was concerned about time differences, but she must not sleep, as I received a response to all emails within 5 minutes. I just wish all my home buyin g experiences were as seemless!"... Read More

  • NMLS ID: 6666
    (4.6 of 5) 472 Reviews
    from New Berlin, WI - February, 2017

    "Hamilton Merritt and his team have been outstanding to work with! As a buyer’s agent it is critical that I know that the buyer’s lender is working diligently on the file to ensure all deadline are met for my client. Hamilton and his team’s communication went above and beyond with consistent follow up throughout every step of the way-something I have never experienced with any other lender. I highly recommend Hamilton to anyone looking for top notch customer service!"... Read More

  • NMLS ID: 1057
    (4.4 of 5) 158 Reviews
    from Rochester, MI - March, 2017

    "Brandon was very informative and thorough. Made the process understandable and was polite. Highly recommend him."

  • NMLS ID: 2129
    (4.7 of 5) 179 Reviews
    from Austin, TX - March, 2017

    "Jerry's team was in constant contact, completely transparent and consistently available through the short process of qualifying for to obtaining a loan for me and my family. "