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  • NMLS ID: 58775
    (4.8 of 5) 1437 Reviews
    from Columbus, OH - December, 2018

    "reliance first capital and mortgage analyst alicia calabrace was very professional and polite. i would recommend them for all your mortgage needs. alicia calabrace was very helpful, answer any question and was always available. she care about the process that i understood every little detail about what was needed and not one time did she make us feel that we were a nu mber just to close a deal. they were great from the beginning to the end. you will not be disappointed with alicia calabrance or relaiance first capita"... Read More

  • NMLS ID: 2948
    (4.6 of 5) 2727 Reviews
    from Navarre, FL - December, 2018

    "Albert really impressed me with his depth of knowledge on a complex investment property loan. Most of the time he knew the answer to every question I had, and when he didn’t he quickly got back to me rather than just give me an answer. His professionalism and honesty outshined any other loan officer I’ve worked with in my 15 years of real estate investing. He’s my go to guy for all future loans and I highly recommend him to anyone."... Read More

  • NMLS ID: 17022
    (4.8 of 5) 81 Reviews
    from Mansfield, OH - December, 2018

    "Terry Christensen is absolutely fabulous to work with! I did not have to play "phone tag" as I did with other lenders, he was always available regardless of the time of day. His knowledge and expertise made this process easy on my part. I appreciated his personality and kindness, he went so far above and beyond for us!"

  • NMLS ID: 400039
    (4.4 of 5) 2688 Reviews
    from Waxahachie, TX - December, 2018

    "I don't usually do reviews, however, I use them to make decisions but I could not miss the chance to rate my experience with Brian and give someone else a chance to experience what I did. This is my 3rd home purchase so I'm no rookie to the loan process; however, It was without a doubt my most enjoyable experience. Brian was there whenever I needed a question answered whether it was after work hours or weekends he was very knowledgeable and taught me things I didn't know even as a person that's done this before. Brian would either answer my call are respond to an email. With good credit, you can use any bank or person to get a reasonable interest rate and loan, but you can't go anywhere and find a person like Brian. I absolutely recommend him for your loan needs"... Read More

  • NMLS ID: 260264
    from San Diego, CA - November, 2018

    "My positive experience with Pacific Beneficial was to most part thanks to Rowel, who made sure to clarify the process by sharing his knowledge and experience with me. I believe in courtesy being one of main fundamentals in doing business, and there was no beating Pacific Beneficial, and Rowel in that aspect. The significant efforts that have been made to help me close on time, and with a rate that I was looking for, were admirable. I wouldn't hesitate recommending Pacific Beneficial to my friends, and Rowel as the primary contact in particular"... Read More

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  • NMLS ID: 2297
    from Katy, TX - December, 2018

    "Triumph and John Guerra did great working with us a first time home buyers and guiding us through the whole process. After having a bad experience with the builder's lender we contacted John and he was able to walk us through the process and close on our new home! Highly recommended! "

  • NMLS ID: 423112
    from Sioux City, IA - November, 2018

    "From the beginning to the end, the loan process went quick and without any problems. The staff were very pleasant and easy to work with. They were very informed about their jobs and they all worked together very well. When I had questions they were more than capable to help me. The interest rate I received through them was such a blessing, and I was able to consolidat e some of my other bills. It was a pleasure working with you First Midwest"... Read More

  • NMLS ID: 12147
    from Stamford, CT - December, 2018

    "I worked with Justin Greenberg. He is by far the best agent I've ever came across. He's efficient, thorough, stays on top of everything making sure thing don't fall through the cracks. I was able to get the mortgage approval within 11 days. He also gave me so many tips that first time home buyers don't know. I would recommend him for future transactions. "

  • NMLS ID: 128231
    (4.8 of 5) 275 Reviews
    from Carnegie, PA - November, 2018

    "This company did a very good job. They looked for a reason to complete the loan or do business with me. They made me feel like they wanted my business. All their people are professional and responsive. I liked going through the process because of them. "

  • NMLS ID: 1345190
    from Portland, OR - October, 2018

    "Nate Wells was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was very responsive, an excellent communicator, very organized and treated me with honesty and integrity. He even offered me a better deal than he originally quoted. The process was very smooth and I felt very well taken care of by Nate. I wouldn't hesitate to work with him again."

  • NMLS ID: 76967
    (4.9 of 5) 235 Reviews
    from Chula Vista, CA - September, 2018

    "Very friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to answer any questions. I would highly recommend him for any refinance or home loan. "

  • NMLS ID: 2129
    (4.9 of 5) 350 Reviews
    from Cypress, TX - December, 2018

    "For someone like me that doesn’t know the process well, Irene made it easy. She is very informative and has great communication skills. She also has the rare skill of listening and understanding what the customer is trying to accomplish and then getting it done. She keeps her word and went the extra mile to make sure we were taken care of and with efficiency as well!"

  • NMLS ID: 2611
    (4.5 of 5) 984 Reviews
    from Nashville, TN - December, 2018

    "Didn't close on time. No communication from Amber Arwine or her team. Impossible to reach by phone or email even when everything was falling apart. Waited until the 11th hour to ask for more documents after having ours for 3 weeks and saying nothing was wrong. "

  • NMLS ID: 423112
    (4.9 of 5) 929 Reviews
    from Griffith, IN - December, 2018

    "Besides playing phone tag for a couple of weeks (mostly on my part, I work a lot and off hours), the process was very smooth and efficient. Cassie was my loan rep and walked me through everything. First Midwest Bank came in at a decent rate. I will see how the remainder of the process goes (direct deposit of funds & paying off my debts directly) and update my review i f all goes horribly wrong. Thanks"... Read More

  • (4.7 of 5) 3840 Reviews
    from Somerville, AL - December, 2018

    "Obtained a loan on line and the process was convenient, fast and I was very satisfied with the terms including a great rate!"