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  • NMLS ID: 3030
    (3.9 of 5) 2267 Reviews
    from Batavia, OH - March, 2018

    "Quicken Loans responded to my Lending Tree mortgage request. They were quick to respond and aggressive! They would call and leave messages multiple times in a single day, several days in a row. So much that I was put off and did not want to hear what they could offer me. I ended up going with a different lender. When I told the loan officer this, they still cont inued to call"... Read More

  • NMLS ID: 7706
    (4.9 of 5) 300 Reviews
    from Ellicott City, MD - March, 2018

    "Charles Mathewson and the Loan Processor Eunice Schwert are an absolute joy to work with, making the loan process smooth sailing from start to finish. They are responsive, knowledgeable, and will guide you with best solutions. Even my realtor who was skeptical of my choice at first due to being an online provider, later told me she will refer Charles to her other clie nts. I would highly recommend this team to anyone"... Read More

  • (4.8 of 5) 279 Reviews
    from Columbia, SC - March, 2018

    "Excellent customer service!!! "

  • (4.8 of 5) 34 Reviews
    from Westland, MI - March, 2018

    "As a small business this was our first time seeking financing. We dealt with Matt and he was amazing through the whole process of getting set up. I would definitely recommend this service to other small businesses. "

  • NMLS ID: 402135
    (4.9 of 5) 1068 Reviews
    from Cumming, GA - March, 2018

    "Buying a home is definitely not easy. There is the stress of providing all the needed paperwork, coming up with the funds, and many other hassles. Of course, this is after you already find the house. Yet, Kat made everything easy and made sure that I got to close on time. I did not have to worry about anything. I only had to provide the paperwork and she did everythin g. I already recommended her to a friend. Definitely, great customer service"... Read More

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  • (4.6 of 5) 158 Reviews
    from Lovell, WY - March, 2018

    "WOW! I'm actually speechless. To have a loan approved in less than an hour is totally unheard of. The amount is exactly what is needed to consolidate some bills & the rate reasonable, based on my credit score. Best of all? The funds will help smooth out cash flow to make budgeting easier. THANK YOU!!"

  • NMLS ID: 78669
    (4.9 of 5) 1219 Reviews
    from Peoria, AZ - March, 2018

    "Steve is a first class individual. He cares about his clients satisfaction, and is extremely involved throughout the loan process. "

  • NMLS ID: 484683
    (4.8 of 5) 570 Reviews
    from Poughkeepsie, NY - March, 2018

    "such a big help to us first time home buyers"

  • NMLS ID: 1003417
    (4.4 of 5) 508 Reviews
    from Redondo Beach, CA - March, 2018

    "I will not and cannot refer a company with this type of customer and responsiveness. My loan officer was ALWAYS in a rush and got extremely short and frustrated when I asked any questions at all. At one point he made sure to tell me that he doesn’t get paid per loan but by volume so basically hurry up and make a choice and to stop asking questions. I’ve used LendingTr ee before for an auto loan but I may reconsider next time after being matched with RateGenius."... Read More

  • (4.9 of 5) 83 Reviews
    from Wallingford, CT - March, 2018

    "I wanted to combine a few bills. The process was fast and easy. Pleasure to work with"

  • (5 of 5) 8 Reviews
    from Redondo Beach, CA - February, 2018

    "Elevation Capital assisted me with the Capital I needed to grow my business. They were super professional and delivered on what they promised. My business is new and I tried to get credit through traditional lending institutions, they all turned me down. However Elevation was able to Lend me the money I needed to take advantage of some incredible opportunities that wo uld have been lost. Ben and Alex are professional and make it happen! I highly recommend them to anyone. "... Read More

  • NMLS ID: 397340
    (4.3 of 5) 2657 Reviews
    from Rochester, NY - March, 2018

    "The people there are rude. You go there to ask a question and they give you several different answers. None adequate at all... Its ridiculous that many people could be in a field of helping people but make you feel crappy when you go there for assistance. No I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone I wouldn’t want anyone to feel the way I did. We all go threw difficult sit uations and them being the type of company they are they should be more compassionate and understanding... Currently looking for another company to take my business to.-Dissatisfied customer"... Read More

  • NMLS ID: 10287
    (4.4 of 5) 834 Reviews
    from Redlands, CA - March, 2018

    "Ed was awesome to work with. He provided accurate information every step of the way and he was very responsive. Sometimes I'd bug him at 8 am on a Saturday or Sunday and he always got right back to me. I would recommend Ed 100% to friends and family."

  • (4.6 of 5) 148 Reviews
    from Cibolo, TX - March, 2018

    "As a customer in this day in age we are not used to an agent calling us back when “we” want them to. Our representative called back promptly and even when he wasn’t able to, probably because he was busy texted me instead to let me know he got my information. Now that’s good. "

  • NMLS ID: 66247
    (4.7 of 5) 674 Reviews
    from Cumming, GA - March, 2018

    "Fast and easy, what else can you ask for!"