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  • (5 of 5) 8 Reviews
    from Milwaukee, WI - March, 2017

    "Rate was higher than expected but the best offer of the bunch. Nick from customer service helped me with the application which was nice. "

  • NMLS ID: 397340
    (4.3 of 5) 2624 Reviews
    from San Diego, CA - October, 2017

    "I needed to fix my credit after a long unemployment period. One main stepped up and gave me the loan I was looking for. Due to my credit a secured loan was necessary in which I payed it off early and opened a new loan which was larger and unsecured now that they know me. My credit has improved considerably. The interest rate is a bit high but thats to be expected with low credit. Thanks OneMain"... Read More

  • NMLS ID: 2297
    from San Diego, CA - October, 2017

    "I have refinanced and purchased a home with different companies over the past 15 years; however, Erin Niverson is THE BEST! Many Loan Officers “talk a good game” and then after they get your business, you are passed along through the mortgage processing “abyss” for an infinite period of time. From start to finish, Erin was fast, efficient, responsive and we were don e in less than a month! Thanks to Erin, there is no longer a need to shop around for the best – I found her. Thanks for everything"... Read More

  • (4.7 of 5) 62 Reviews
    from Bowie, MD - October, 2017

    "I was dealing with a lot of issues trying to purchase a car over the past few months because of the Equifax data breach. I worked very hard to pay off all of my debt to better my credit scores but saw no updates. With that being said I had a specific car that i wanted but was told through multiple dealers that i could not purchase it because they would not sell me wha t i wanted. Instead they ALL tried to sell me cars that i either did not like, want, or had a CRAZY high interest rate and down payment. Carvana on the other hand used my accurate credit scores and gave me a great rate on the exact car i was looking for. The process was quicker and MUCH more simple than going to a traditional dealership. I was approved on a Friday, but was worried because i had never heard of them so i took the weekend to do my research and was blown away with all of the positive reviews and remarks made online and by my military friends who have used them. On Monday i sat down, found the car i liked, submitted all of my paperwork, spoke with a few people who expertly guided me through the process and answered all of my questions. 2 hours later I was done... I had Just bought a car. And ONLINE of all places. 2 days later my car arrives at my house looking exactly like i hoped it would. I was greeted by the driver who walked me through everything and assured me i was not being punked or pranked. I got to test drive my R/T Charger and was extremely happy with my purchase. There was a point where I was worried when the next morning i realized that my rear defrost wan't working due to the tint removal. I called to reluctantly let Carvana know that I might have to return the car. BUT THEY OFFERED TO PAY FOR THE WINDOW TO BE REPLACED. This has been the best car buying experience I've ever had. I don't think I'll ever buy a car from anywhere else. ALSO after a few days i needed to get gas as we all do. i open the up my gas tank and there's a gift card sitting there. For gas... Honestly I couldn't have asked for better customer service and support from the people i dealt with. Customer For LIFE!!"... Read More

  • NMLS ID: 3290
    from Benton City, WA - October, 2017

    "Great people and friendly service. Couldn't be happier! Saved me a ton of money with a super low interest rate and speedy refinance! I highly recommend using intelliloan!"

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  • NMLS ID: 1231327
    from Hillsboro, OR - October, 2017

    "I really appreciated how helpful and responsive Charan was in helping us maneuver through the refi process. "

  • NMLS ID: 248266
    (5 of 5) 5 Reviews
    from Wappingers Falls, NY - December, 2016

    "They really are the best. A reverse mortgage is a tough process, but they made it easy. It's great to deal with people who are patient, honest and professional. But most of all knowledgable about the industry and hold your hand through the entire process."

  • NMLS ID: 32416
    (4.6 of 5) 65 Reviews
    from Germantown, MD - September, 2017

    "Charles went above and beyond to help get my loan closed and completed. I would recommend him to anyone refinancing or getting a new home loan "

  • NMLS ID: 33043
    (4.8 of 5) 267 Reviews
    from Astoria, OR - October, 2017

    "Michael O'Connor was absolutely wonderful during the entire process. Purchasing a home is a very stressful experience if you live in a very competitive area and he was able to produce qualification letters within 15 minutes to allow us to bid competitively. He was also always on the phone within an hour if I needed my questions answered. I will always appreciat e his voice of reason and the depth of knowledge he brought to the process. I am thankful to be in a beautiful place and Michael is a large part of the reason we have the home we now own. "... Read More

  • NMLS ID: 277676
    from Santa Clara, CA - October, 2017

    "This was my first experience with an online lender. I was initially a little nervous about working with people you have never met. But the process went so smooth and pretty much on schedule. My thinking has totally changed on online lending and now I can say that they it's actually better. If you can going with any online lending company my suggestion is first to tal k to Lendova Home Loans. "... Read More

  • NMLS ID: 254645
    (4.9 of 5) 172 Reviews
    from Siren, WI - September, 2017

    "Kevin and his team where enjoyable and easy to work with. They made the whole application and approval process seem like not much of a process at all. I encourage anyone looking for a mortgage to contact Kevin and Commonwealth Mortgage Group. "

  • NMLS ID: 472433
    (4.7 of 5) 159 Reviews
    from San Francisco, CA - October, 2017

    "I actually did not think people like that exist in this business. Your experience with ConsumerDirect feels like your experience with your loved ones in a way. They are super friendly, super helpful, super sympathetic. They take care of you, and seem to be always there for you. Isn't that family? They provided us with a great rate that other lenders did NOT believe we got. We couldn't believe other lenders couldn't match that way. Everyone else was just behind and unbelieving!! They answered all our questions (we had many), and made the process of making one of our biggest investments a relative breeze. The team was professional, knowledgeable, and effective. We loved it, and we're sure if you deal with our team, you'll love it. "... Read More

  • NMLS ID: 1003861
    from Pompano Beach, FL - October, 2017

    "Brian I would like you to know it was a pleasure working with you. I am 70 years old and this was my FIRST time I was totally satisfied with a lending institution.The best of luck and success to you in all your future endeavors Regards, John"

  • NMLS ID: 341517
    (4.9 of 5) 91 Reviews
    from Conroe, TX - October, 2017

    "Stone Lake was fair and consistent in the process and my loan officer Erin Reading was incredible. She kepted me informed was caring and professional and honestly went above and beyond."

  • NMLS ID: 118004
    from Laguna Hills, CA - August, 2017

    "We compared offers with several lenders and found that RMA had the best terms available for us. The entire experience went very smoothly and they delivered exactly what we expected. The paper work process was simple and we closed ahead of schedule. Sean was very professional and responsive when we needed him. Excellent job!"