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  • (4.9 of 5) 12 Reviews
    from Oceanside, CA - January, 2019

    "I worked with Vip at 60month loans and he did an awesome job. He explained everything clearly and the process was quick and easy. I would highly recommend this company."

  • (4.8 of 5) 45 Reviews
    from Houston, TX - February, 2019

    "Thorough and very responsive, friendly people to answer your questions. "

  • (4.5 of 5) 64 Reviews
    from Finleyville, PA - February, 2019

    "Very Polite, Professional, Knowledgable, and helped guide me through the process with no misunderstandings. I am a 100% Disabled /Retired US Army Range/Marine SpecOps Branch Chief, Master Sniper for the USMC,DOD,NATO. After Combat on four Continents, four severe wounds and countless minor wounds and injuries, I have PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury. I am still quite capable of conducting my own business but a little slower on the “uptake” than I used to be. Every person I dealt with was patient and understanding in this regard ( deaf in left ear too), and accomodated my every need with clarity and kindness. I am a reluctant “borrower” but things happen in life that sometimes require financial assistance. I have walked away from some of the largest and most well known Publishing Houses, Studio’s and even TV Series Screenwriters, offering millions of dollars for my “Story”. For over 17 years I have refused these offers because I did not serve for their entertainment, but for love of God, Country, Family, and my Brothers to my left and right. I can’t afford to self-publish this monster story, which is the only way I can ensure it is told both with God in the picture, and truthfully. It was refreshing to be treated with such thoroughness and has given me hope that not everyone in the Country is out to rip you off! I thank all of the individuals I personally dealt with and the Company as a whole!! Respectfully, Monster-42 "... Read More

  • NMLS ID: 1121636
    (4.4 of 5) 87 Reviews
    from Harrisburg, PA - January, 2019

    "We highly recommend using SoFi for consolidating credit card debt. The process is easy (it is super easy if you are able to scan and upload your required documentation) and the customer service excellent. Our loan closed without any issues and our funds were electronically deposited into our bank account."

  • (5 of 5) 3 Reviews
    from Flowery Branch, GA - November, 2018

    "wonderful & great service"

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  • from San Antonio, TX - January, 2019

    "the experience was great"

  • (4.9 of 5) 1590 Reviews
    from Wood Dale, IL - January, 2019

    "Very disappointed with the whole experience, after I gave away all my personal data I didn't get an answer back, I had to call and find out I was rejected, which is perfectly fine (although I was assured many times during the application process that I will get the loan) but I was expecting them to contact me, send me a letter or at least an email with some explanati ons...and nothing happened. I would not recommend this to any of the people I care for."... Read More

  • (4.4 of 5) 104 Reviews
    from Aubrey, TX - December, 2018

    " My first time to get such a loan. I was scared and guarded. Their customer service is excellent and I Having graded bye individuals who having kind and nonjudgmental every single time. This has put me at ease and allowed me to get back on my feet financially. I highly recommend RISE Credit to everyone who is willing to work with a company and get back on their feet financially. Because they are willing to work with as they are willing to work with the individual. This is not the company for individuals who are looking for a handout."... Read More

  • (4.7 of 5) 25 Reviews
    from Bronx, NY - January, 2019

    "It was very easy-they followed up and walked me through every step"

  • from Elgin, SC - November, 2018

    "Needed money to get caught up on a few things, saw their ad, and thought why not. So I filled out application on line and within minutes I was approved. The lady called and helped me finish the process. She was very nice, and answered some questions that I had."

  • (3.9 of 5) 35 Reviews
    from Houston, TX - December, 2018

    "This will be my first time.but they sound like a very good lending company and there rates look fair to me."

  • (4 of 5) 1 Review
    from Lamar, MO - December, 2018

    "The whole loan process was fast and easy. very straight forward about the the application process and bank verification. Thank you Jora for your help."

  • NMLS ID: 936133
    (3.9 of 5) 69 Reviews
    from Hilton Head Island, SC - January, 2019

    "Had the same experience of many on here... Approved and qualified for loan all along the way until last second when they changed their minds and said I no longer qualified. Don't offer loans to people if you're not capable of giving them out."

  • (3.7 of 5) 26 Reviews
    from Omaha, NE - February, 2019

    "They ok as a lender but I would have wished they didn't continue to lower the payment draw extending the loan out longer than it had tobe... Then say they are putting me into a cooling off period for going over ten months to pay off the load which did get paid off sooner because they continued to lower the payment draw. they decided what to take every two weeks, I wil l most likely not return to them even though my account is open with a zero balance"... Read More

  • (4.6 of 5) 40 Reviews
    from Paso Robles, CA - December, 2018

    "I was referred to someone who never returned any of my calls or responded to any of my emails. I never actually spoke with him. I submitted income verification and followed up with more calls and emails. I chased him for about 10 days before giving up. I don't even know if I was or would have been approved. Really unprofessional and frustrating. "