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  • (1 of 5) 2 Reviews
    from Oakland, CA - February, 2019

    "No way to get to a real price without getting a hard inquiry. "

  • (4.7 of 5) 87 Reviews
    from Flemington, NJ - January, 2019

    "I would never in a million years recommend Turbo Title Loan. They have the worst customer service who are rude and helpless. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, they refused and hung up on me. I took a car loan out and despite paying it off they refuse to take the lien off. This has happened to several other people as well. They are crooks and now I'm going to have to seek legal action to get the lien off my car and the title issued to me. NEVER go with this company"... Read More

  • (4.1 of 5) 28 Reviews
    from Norwalk, CA - October, 2018

    "Great help helped me understand everything from payments to the steps great job"

  • (1 of 5) 1 Review
    from Burt, NY - November, 2018

    "The response time was nowhere near what it said on their site it took nearly two weeks to get a letter in the mail AND they are incapable of running a simple credit report. I received two different letters both advising I have a credit score of 0. No. Dodged a major bullet here"

  • (4.5 of 5) 174 Reviews
    from Livermore, CA - December, 2017

    "Very helpful and easy to get a loan"

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  • NMLS ID: 958632
    (2.2 of 5) 59 Reviews
    from Northport, AL - February, 2018

    "No a great experience at all. What ever you do, do not do business with them."

  • (3.9 of 5) 54 Reviews
    from Santa Cruz, CA - September, 2018

    "LightStream was extremely easy to work with. They had a few questions about my credit report and contacted me right away. I was able to answer these, uploaded documentation that was requested and got my loan ASAP."

  • (3.9 of 5) 38 Reviews
    from Las Vegas, NV - May, 2018

    "they were very helpful and and nice very easy to fill out ."

  • from Baton Rouge, LA - October, 2016

    "They were very responsive and helpful. Smooth process"

  • (3.5 of 5) 21 Reviews
    from Cooter, MO - December, 2017

    "Y'all have a good reliable company and employees "

  • (3.7 of 5) 19 Reviews
    from Highland Park, NJ - October, 2015

    "Fast and easy"

  • (4.8 of 5) 13 Reviews
    from San Diego, CA - July, 2018

    "They gave me a chance."

  • (3.7 of 5) 10 Reviews
    from Warm Springs, OR - April, 2018

    "I am building up my own business with the loan they are providing me with.It's a fast process!!! "

  • (4.6 of 5) 8 Reviews
    from Charlotte, NC - May, 2018

    "This lender was great to work with, highly recommend! "

  • (3.7 of 5) 3 Reviews
    from West, TX - December, 2017

    "The company has disappeared with no trace. Have no idea how to get in touch with them or how to service my loan. I only hope when it is supposed to be paid off the payments will stop."