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Who is Discover Home Loans, Inc?

Discover Home Loans, Inc. a subsidiary of Discover Financial Services, offers an easier, simpler way to get a mortgage from one of the most trusted brands in financial services. Discover Home Loans provides a broad range of mortgage products with competitive...

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    Overall a positive experience

    Yes, I recommend this lender

    Overall, this was a positive experience, but there were some frustrating and needlessly complicated moments. Brandon Tillman, Scott Watkins and Dwinnie Lee assisted me with the loan, and I can only praise their personal and always timely communication style. The rate was OK for my credit history, the ease of use of sharing documents was great, and communication as I said was easy - I don't know if these guys ever go home! That said, we had several hiccups which were very frustrating, and which may or may not have been under Discover's control: 1) we waited over two weeks for an appraisal, which was rescheduled three times (admittedly due to weather), and then came in so conservative as to almost sink the deal; 2) Discover was so inundated with loan applications in late January that it took a couple of weeks longer for them to get to my application than it should have - we almost had the interest lockset expire, and it got renewed at the last moment; 3) it took three notary visits and three separate closing signings to complete the process - the first notary did not know what he was doing, but he got sent to us twice; 4) my account manager had to leave work abruptly on a leave of absence literally days before the process was completed - but kudos to Discover to handle this with aplomb and give me another account manager which picked up where the other left off and completed the process smoothly. Overall, it took two months to the day to close this deal, instead of the 3-4 weeks initially quoted, but all is well that ends well. I would definitely give Discover another chance in the future, but be careful not to put all my eggs in only one basket.

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    Obnoxious, Stay Away!

    The guy I dealt with was pushy, argumentative, and talk over me as I spoke. When I questioned something that seemed to be off with the fees, and the APR, he became very rude. So many better lenders out there. Dont waste you time, they clearly dont need the business.....

    By:   (sacramento,ca)Reviewed On:

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    Bad customer services

    I called for a quote on the rate and estimate closing costs for refi on my house. Conrad was very helpful on the phone, but I said would discuss with husband first. Then I emailed and left a VM with a follow up question. No response. I called the general number and spoke to another rep, Ryan. He gave me a different rate, and in fact, he said if I choose 2.825% rate instead of 2.75% , he could give me a lower closing cost, with total of $995 instead of approx of $2,500. With new options like this, again I needed to discuss with my husband. I asked if he could email me the options. He said he would, but until now I never receive any email. I even called back to make sure he has my correct email address. So, all of their reps are not dependable based on my experience. Now I am not sure whether I should keep trying to contact them for my refi or go somewhere else. They have good rates and est. closing costs, but I wish they have good reps as well....

    By:   (Parlin, NJ)Reviewed On:

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    Great service from a reputable lender

    Yes, I recommend this lender

    I felt comfortable choosing Discover Home Loans because I'm a Discover card customer and I knew they had excellent customer service and they're a reputable company. I've worked with Thomas Temple and he has been absolutely amazing not to mention FAST. He will definitely go the extra mile for you, and that includes staying up late and beyond his working hours. He is extremely responsive as well. I highly recommend him. Thank you Thomas and Discover, I will definitely be recommending you guys to friends or family.

    By:   (Irvine, CA)Reviewed On:

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    Discover Home Loans, Inc Response

    Thank you for your time to submit a review for Discover Home Loans. We are happy to hear you were pleased with the service you received from Thomas Temple. Thomas exemplifies the customer service standards and core values of Discover Home Loans. Thank you again for your time to submit a review and we greatly appreciate your referrals.

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    after 6 weeks we got turned down for are one time refi even though we have a 600 credit score we have 20% equtiy in our home and we make over 200 thousand a year only wanted to borrow 130.000 sad sad co stay away

    By:   (sick)Reviewed On:

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    Very Disappointed

    I received a call from a Discover mortgage representative who was incredibly rude and condescending. I let her know that my refi was already in progress with another lender and she began making snarky remarks. Absolutely unnecessary. I LOVE Discover (credit card and online banking); however, based on this recent experience with a mortgage representative, I will never do any loan business with them. Please disregard my ratings for "Rate","Fees & Closing Costs", and "Responsiveness"...I was required to enter these ratings in order to submit the review even though I never got past the initial terrible customer service.

    By:   (Atlanta, GA)Reviewed On:

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    Waste of time

    In a 1 month I didn't get anything done from this company, even after all requested documents were sent on time. Don't waste your time with this company.

    By:   (Van Nuys, CA)Reviewed On:

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    Dishonest Lender,

    At first Discover Home Loans seemed great, Ezzat our loan officer seemed knowledgeable and eager. There were a couple of hoops to jump through, which quickly became many hoops. We kept having to call them for updates, there were many mistakes made and each time Ezzat claimed he didn't know why or what, and that his superiors were being the problem. We initially asked for a VA loan and he said it wasn't the best deal, then 2.5 months later says it is the best deal. So we go through the process again so we could get the best rate, We paid them $400 for an appraisal and it came in $40,000 less than value of house. THEN Ezzat tells us that Discover Home Loans is not licensed to do VA Loans in our state. DO NOT USE THIS LENDER!

    By:   (AL)Reviewed On:

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    Discover Home Loans, Inc Response

    Discover Home Loans is committed to providing every borrower with an exceptional loan experience, and we sincerely apologize if you received anything less. Our records indicate during the initial phone interview with mortgage banker Ezzat, you mentioned speaking with some other lenders who advised you that would not be eligible for VA financing. Based on what you informed Ezzat, he reviewed conventional loan financing with you. Prior to originating a loan, every borrower is advised an appraisal fee of $400.00 is required for an appraisal inspection, and the appraisal fee is fully earned at the time the inspection is performed. Our records show an appraisal service was performed. Unfortunately, due to low home value, we were unable to proceed with your home loan. Documented records indicate the mortgage banker spoke with you regarding the appraisal value and reason we could not proceed with your conventional loan. Discover Home Loans does not have a VA program available for you at the present time, however, this could change in the near future. Ezzat will be happy to notify you of any changes upon availability. We hope that this information has clarified your concerns, and thank you for your time to submit a review. Please feel free to contact our Customer Relations Team at 888-369-0001, should you require any further assistance.

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    Extremely Disappointed...

    I am so disappointed that after 2 months this company has done nothing to try and help our situation. We had a decent appraisal, credit check went fine, and went though underwriting. Then we find out that our agent did not disclose important information about our loan that was going to cost us big time and we definitely did not approve. It was a money-making scheme to require us to pay off 3 credit cards that were 0% interest and we can easily manage to pay off ourselves. Why would anyone want to do that? Then after that they wanted us to go to our boss and have them write a letter stating our bonus for this year. That was the breaking point for us. Anyone who works in a professional environment would never request their bonus 2 months early. So this lead us to backing out and then we just received a letter in the mail saying we were denied. There were multiple options to work through our loan and they didn't care. I'm now trying to get in contact with management and can't get in touch with anyone or my past agent...

    By:   (Savannah, Ga)Reviewed On:

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    Discover Home Loans, Inc Response

    Thank you for your time to submit a review regarding Discover Home Loans. It is always out intention to provide every customer with an exceptional loan experience and regret this was not the case for you. Our records indicate you contacted us on October 9, 2014 for assistance regarding your loan. Sales manager Mr. Boulton spoke with you directly and personally assisted in addressing the concerns you raised. You are welcome to contact our Customer Relations Team at 888-369-0001, should you require any further assistance.

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    Bad rates/fees, mid-high pressure, waste of time

    Yes, I recommend this lender

    They were better than other Lending Tree referrals in that they were responsive to my request to stop calling and emailing me. But they offered some of the highest fees and higher than average rates. I would strongly recommend considering a different lender if you want even an average rate and cost for your refinance.

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    Discover Home Loans, Inc Response

    We are sorry to learn of your dissatisfaction with the initial offers you may have received. These are potential offers and not actual offers you may be eligible for. Our dedicated mortgage bankers review loan offers with every borrower that best tailor to each unique request. An analysis of the borrower’s credit profile, debt to income ratio, tax filings, and other requirements must be reviewed to determine the best loan program available to best accomplish a borrower’s home financing goals. We value our borrowers and welcome the opportunity to earn your business.

Discover Home Loans, Inc. a subsidiary of Discover Financial Services, offers an easier, simpler way to get a mortgage from one of the most trusted brands in financial services. Discover Home Loans provides a broad range of mortgage products with competitive rates and fees to help you lower your rate and your monthly payment. You also get the superior customer service Discover is known for, including: - a dedicated Mortgage Banker who expertly guides you through every step of the mortgage process - access to online tools and resources to make the process easier to navigate - ability to check the status of your loan 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and securely upload your documents and electronically sign them - in-house processing and underwriting, with dedicated teams for purchase and refinance loans to streamline the processing Whether you are buying a new home or refinancing an existing mortgage, you will feel confident that you are spending smarter, managing debt better and making your money go further!
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