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Who is Freedom Mortgage Corporation?

We have a team of loan officers and operations specialists dedicated to purchase transactions only! 

For more than 20 years, Freedom Mortgage Corporation has been earning a name for itself as a full-service lender with strong customer...

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43% of our customers would recommend this lender. (9 of 21)

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    Terrible Customer Service

    We just purchased our home and our loan was sold to Freedom Mortgage. The first time we tried to make a payment, there were issues with their website. The second time we tried to make an online payment, things seemed to go better. We received an email confirmation and our next statement showed payment received. However, we noticed that the payment was never drafted from our checking account. Today we received mail from them stating that we never made our payment and that we would be charged a Late fee!! I immediately called and was told that the reason for the late fee was because we made an error entering our bank account online (added an extra 0 in error). Their website does not save account numbers, so you have to re-enter each month! So I asked if they would waive the late fee considering that it was a minor honest error. They not only refused to waive the late fee, but they charge an extra $10 to pay over the phone!!! I only wish that our loan had been sold to another company. This group is unprofessional with terrible customer service! They simply do not care about their customers.

    By:   (Durham, NC)Reviewed On:

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    Unreliable Online Payments: Beware

    Looks like other people have issues with the whole process, but good news, if you make it through and need to pay them for your mortgage each month the head aches get to keep coming back! Every month when I have to make my mortgage payment I have issues with their payment portal. I am either logged out, it fails to function correctly with the web browser, there are errors loading the page, etc. Last month their system attempted to pull funds using the routing number for wiring funds, which i never provided them or authorized them to access, which resulted in a failure to take the payment nearly resulting in a late payment of our mortgage. Every month i end up having to talk to a customer service representative who has no answers or help for me aside from having to end up taking my payment over the phone and waiving the phone payment fee. Yes, thats correct, if their online module is not functional their system is set up for a $10 convenience fee for you to pay through their phone system. Shady. A process that should take a minute tops always takes 15+ minutes of attempts to log on, load pages, access accounts, punch in loan numbers and SSNs through the phone and then talking with a representative. I can't imagine how this company functions on the inside if this is how things look from the outside. I'm kind of at a loss knowing I have years and years ahead of me dealing with this company... I should also add the loan process itself was delayed and last minute on everything... so there was that, too.

    By:   (Charlotte, NC)Reviewed On:

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    There are way better companies than this one!

    Yes, I recommend this lender

    This company contacted me for a refi. I agreed to give it a try. I submitted all paper work in a timely manner, credit was never an issue and I responded to all emails and/or phone calls just in case someone wants to defend this company as if I didn't do what I was supposed to do. This company does not keep you informed through the process. I've had to make several calls just to see what's going on and yes I logged into the loan tracker but they sent me the link at the end of the process. My contact quit the company, no one called to let me know and I've been leaving messages. Then one day before closing they called me to reschedule and said they would call me back which three days later never heard from anyone. Then they tell me to not pay my current mortgage. My bank calls and ask for payment and tells me I incurred a late charge. I called freedom mortgage to let them know what happened and their response was, well go ahead and make the payment and we'll resubmit for another payoff. I've never been late on my mortgage, thankfully I didn't wait 30 days for it to effect my credit. I still don't know the new closing date. Bottom line I decided not to go with this company. I advise you all to do the same.

    By:   (Texas)Reviewed On:

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    Beware!! Do not use this company

    Service is beyond poor, they sub-contract the servicing out to other companies so it becomes impossible to resolve questions and issues. wait times for calls average 40 minutes, no response to email enquiries. Escrow payments were always late which ended up costing me money and in one case having my home insurance cancelled.

    By:   (CA)Reviewed On:

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    I was called by an "operator" I presume who wanted to verify info before she transferred me to an "account manager." I thought the account manager was quite brusque and I don't believe I would do business with them.

    By:   (California)Reviewed On:

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    Best Ever

    Yes, I recommend this lender

    I like these guys unlike many of the Lending Tree Banks these guys deliver what they promise we got the rate we wanted and the cash back to do some work on the house. Others I won't mention names had very high closing costs even on a VA Loan. Go with these guys you can't lose.

    By:   (Vero Beach Florida)Reviewed On:

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    Surprise fee

    Seemed smooth until surprise fees tagged on at end.

    By:   (Florida)Reviewed On:

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    A big waste of time

    After I entered all my info here on, they called me. the firstline rep gave me the spiel about the company and asked for all my info again. I gave it again. Then he transferred me to the real mortgage loan officer who asked me all the information for a third time. Finally after I gave it all he said that he couldn't lower my rate at all and asked what would be my purpose of getting a new loan. If they couldn't lower my rate why did they even bother?

    By:   (New York, NY)Reviewed On:

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    never stops calling

    Yes, I recommend this lender

    I've had at least 15 calls in three days from this lender...and emails and emails to let me know I have a message on my phone. Stay away from this one...unless you want to be annoyed!

    By:   (Indianapolis)Reviewed On:

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    Attention to Detail

    Yes, I recommend this lender

    Overall good. Pleasant and professional sounding on the phone. Quoted rates and fees were quite reasonable. When I received the paperwork there were far too many errors including misspelling my name. Subsequent updates still had errors. The additional paperwork showed more possible fees that I wasn't anticipating. In the end I chose not to use them.

    By:   (Nevada)Reviewed On:

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We have a team of loan officers and operations specialists dedicated to purchase transactions only! 

For more than 20 years, Freedom Mortgage Corporation has been earning a name for itself as a full-service lender with strong customer service and a unique streamlined process. Today, we are licensed as a mortgage originator and servicer in all 50 states and have more than 80 offices and lending partners nationwide.
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