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Who is rateGenius?

Who is rateGenius? Our mission is to save you money by finding the lowest interest rate on your auto loan. By comparing over 200 lenders nationwide, we bring together qualified borrowers and competitive lenders to create the best possible financing...

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    Great service

    Yes, I recommend this lender

    Awesome Advice and honesty. Very timely in responding to my request. Thx!

    By:   (Hartland, VT)Reviewed On:

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    You have to give them a chance

    Yes, I recommend this lender

    Great company they accomplish what they say and give you a decent rate as well. I would not make a decision until I see what this company has to offer. Thank you.

    By:   (Riverside, CA)Reviewed On:

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    Poor service

    Very poor service. It felt like we were in a continuous loop of sending documents and them asking for me. Finally after 3+ weeks of going back and forth daily they asked for a copy of my social security card. I just gave up because I doubt the deal would ever end. Very inexperienced people working there.

    By:   (Random Lake, WI)Reviewed On:

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    The reason I would not recommend this company because they are to aggressive. I listed my email and cell number as a contact with lending tree. I received several phone calls on my home phone number which I did not provide or authorize as a contact option. Because of this tactic I could not consider them for my business.

    By:   (Canton, GA)Reviewed On:

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    Yes, I recommend this lender

    The speed and responsiveness of the team was amazing. Would strongly recommend them.

    By:   (Easton, PA)Reviewed On:

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    Quick and Painless

    Yes, I recommend this lender

    After reading reviews here on LendingTree, I was skeptical that I would be able to work with a lender that had a level of professionalism I would expect. It turns out RateGenius was professional, efficient and prompt. Their loan application process is highly automated via the web. If you know how to take pictures with your phone, read and fill out documents, you will do well. I had one document which needed a notary, and hard copies to mail in. As part of their process, they provided a means of printing a UPS label from their site which made things easy. Within about two days, I was notified my loan would be funded and my old loan would be paid off. I wish I could have received a better APR, but in the end, I felt pretty good about what I got. I will definitely consider RateGenius again in the future.

    By:   (Phoenix, AZ)Reviewed On:

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    Car loan car loan refinance

    they told me they got me a better deal on my car loan, I had a interest rate of 19.0/0 percent....they found a lender credit union would lower my interest rate to 10/45, I said that was wonderful great, only stipulation for the line with the I have to buy the gap insurance, I said I did not want buy there gap insurance, I told the loan office already have my gap insurance with my regular Insurance Company, he told me if I didn't buy their cap Insurance the light will not be approved!

    By:   (Cold Spring, Kentucky 41076)Reviewed On:

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    misleading offers

    I was sent an offer letter for refi and have excellent credit. Turned down.

    By:   (Los Angeles, Ca)Reviewed On:

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    Poor Service

    I recently sought refinancing on my vehicle i acquired just after my bankruptcy. Several companies came back with solutions and Rate Genius had the best interest rate saving me near $8,000 - I signed all the loan documents provided all the paperwork requested. Then was told to get my loan I needed to include an $860.00 check which I did. The paperwork overnighted and I received a call the next day that i missed a signature and that they had made a mistake and needed another $46 which they sent my a credit card authorization form which I again promptly filled out and returned - to which I was informed everything was good. 6 days later I notice no charge to my credit card the check has not cleared and there is no change to my Credit report. so I email them to which they tell me opps we valued the car wrong we will need another $1000 to get the loan approved. this I find out not because they were responsive but because I followed up and two days before my payment was due on the auto. My suggestion - do not do business with these people I cancelled negotiations with two other companies because i was assured a better rate and the loan was accepted. Run if they offer you a loan it most likely is not approved and you could end up fouling your loan with your current lender - I was lucky I followed up . Do Not do business with this company they mess up it is oh well 0 they have no concern for the consumer they are messing over.

    By:   (Pioneer, California)Reviewed On:

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    Great rate!

    Yes, I recommend this lender

    I got an awesome rate 13.99% to a 3.74%, customer service was great thanks Rick!

    By:   (Pompano Beach, FL)Reviewed On:

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Who is rateGenius? Our mission is to save you money by finding the lowest interest rate on your auto loan. By comparing over 200 lenders nationwide, we bring together qualified borrowers and competitive lenders to create the best possible financing opportunity. In fact, we have saved consumers thousands of dollars by refinancing their auto loans. Since there is NO FEE to you, it's like FREE money. It’s easy to refinance your loan and get the lowest possible interest rate. We’re a broker not a lender. It's quick, secure and totally free. When a consumer applies to refinance a car loan, rateGenius collects the customer's financial information and submits the application to a member of its Lender Network, comprised of FDIC-insured banks, thrifts and licensed lenders. If a lender agrees to make the loan, rateGenius works with the consumer to complete the loan documents and finalized the loan. There is no charge to the consumer for rateGenius' services. We’re a Texas corporation located in Austin, Texas, licensed with the Texas Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner. In addition, rateGenius is licensed in all 50 states. We also have an insurance agency, which compares multiple nationwide insurance providers to find customers the best insurance rates—from accidental death insurance to auto insurance to homeowners insurance. We've got you covered.
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