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Who is Sebonic Financial?

Sebonic Financial is a division of Cardinal Financial Company, a full service mortgage banking firm in operation since 1987.  The company is an approved seller/servicer for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae. Cardinal is also an approved...

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    Avoid at all costs

    Started our refi 3 months ago, and for the second time, no one showed up for our closing, with no call, email, anything!!! WORST experience ever! Would gladly have paid thousands more if I had known! Started with after waiting 2 weeks for the appraisal, the first appraiser having a "family emergency" so had to wait another 2 weeks for another appraiser. We felt bad for the first guy, so we understood. This is when we first started to notice emails and phone calls not being answered. The only time we could reach anyone was to call their customer service line, and they would corner our rep. And then we would get circle answers, and promises of answers that never came. Then a glitch in paperwork came up due to a discharged bankruptcy years ago. Offered to handle it with guidance and were told they would take care of it. That was that. We were then told we would close Friday or Saturday, after only 6 weeks... Great! They will call us. No call Thursday. Friday we call 3-4 times, email, no answer. Still waiting by the phone Saturday, called, emailed, still nothing. We called and emailed Monday... No answer. Finally Tuesday for a "manager" who advised our rep was our of town and would get back to us the next day. Finally heard from him 2 days after that, and many emails and calls, and the bk paperwork came back to bite us. We had to handle this now. So we are now on our FOURTH extension, discussing something that was originally discovers the first week and we were told was not a problem. Then our rep gets in an "accident" so we are now dealing with the manager. We Also find out we will have to file the FIFTH extension, which they will it pay for but costs us almost another $900! WE took care of that, to avoid having to wait for them. We told them that day it would be 2 weeks. We close that, and they have done NOTHING to get it moving again. They needed the paperwork. So we send that to them on Friday, during business hours, for the second time because the attorney sent it to them as well. Monday was a holiday, Tuesday we call and email. I get an email back again asking for that paperwork. I send it a third time, and am told great, should close Wednesday since everything else is "done." Wednesday keep emailing and calling, all day. Re sending paperwork they have, but at least it's moving. Then... Nothing! Call customer care at 5:00 and reach the officers manager again to be told all looks good, we will call you in the morning to close tomorrow, we requested 12:00, she assured us that should be doable. Once we heard fro The closer, they advise they can't do that, so we agree on 8 pm. Bat 6:30 I happen to check my email to find an email for the manager asking for current credit card statements, which ones were not listed though. Ok.... I'm on the road, so I ask her if which ones, and if it can wait until I get home. I specifically ask if this will effect our closing since this is so last minute. She sends me the list, no other replace sw. I send her 4 more emails in the next hour asking if we are closing... I call the main line, customer care, and every other number we can find all with no answers. I have the email confirming the closing for tonight at 8 pm, and here it is 11:30 and no show still. Yes, I know they won't be here, and I am still hoping for tomorrow, but I'm so me I know I can't sleep. Please, save yourself the stress, sleepless night and frustration and take your business elsewhere. We started this June 16 and STILL have not closed, and can not get an explanation why.

    By:   (Littleton, CO)Reviewed On:

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    Yes, I recommend this lender

    Overall experience was one of complete pleasure. Any delay in the process was caused by me and at that, it was only a month.

    By:   (Marietta, GA)Reviewed On:

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    purchase of 1st home

    Yes, I recommend this lender

    Sebonic was clearly the cheapest rate I found after speaking with multiple banks. My loan representative was clear and didn't have any charges or fees which made it very clear.

    By:   (Baltimore, MD)Reviewed On:

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    Amazing company to work with, I will miss them.

    Yes, I recommend this lender

    Every time I had a question they were able to answer me. They were extremely helpful during the entire process of buying a home. My husband and I are first-time homebuyers and I was very reluctant and nervous about the whole process. They made it easy. I am so grateful that I chose them to help us with this beautiful opportunity. I would recommend them to everyone.

    By:   (Wooster, OH)Reviewed On:

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    Please read if you're thinking of using them!!!!

    Overall horrible experience. When working to secure our business, the initial person at Sebonic Financial was very helpful and responsive. We were then contacted by someone at Cardinal Financial, which was a little confusing but not terrible at this point. They required some paperwork, naturally, and I was very proactive and diligent about having all of it ready, and was even thanked by the contact for doing so. She said I was making it easy, which I believe I was. She said everything was done, and I'd be contacted before closing by the final team. This was about a month before our closing date, which was set based on the lender's commitment to making that date. I inquired once a week with my initial contact at Sebonic (since it was totally unclear who I should be working with), and he assured me everything was just fine. Meanwhile, I received a complaint about Sebonic from our homeowner's insurance agent. He received a call from them, asking for a document which he had already sent. When he finally got a hold of them (he complained about their total unresponsiveness), he said they were tremendously unprofessional. Similar complaints came from my realtor in a couple of interactions. The Monday before our close (which was a Friday), I received an automated email response, saying my loan has been picked up by the final underwriting team, and a decision would be coming in the next few days. Obviously this was very concerning and surprising. I again called my initial contact at Sebonic (because it was still unclear who I should be working with), who again assured me everything was fine. For the sake of my time, I will simply say that it was clear they had not done anything on their end in processing the loan even though I had provided all the required documentation over a month earlier. If it was not for my constant inquiries and escalations, this closing would not have gone through on the closing date. We had movers scheduled based on that date, I had taken off of work, family was coming into town, etc. To top all of that off, as if that weren't bad enough, they goofed the final HUD and did not give us a $300 credit the buyer agreed to give us, so we had to reconcile that outside of the closing. Our realtor was more angry than we were since she had confirmed this two times with the lender. I promise you, I am a friendly customer and very patient. I realize mistakes are made and no one is perfect. The biggest complaint I have is that they were very unresponsive and totally unapologetic about their mistakes. While irritated, I was giving them the benefit of the doubt and looking forward to them fixing the mistake with a friendly attitude, etc. That did not happen, and they actually seemed annoyed that I was asking as many questions as I was. This was, without a doubt, one of the worst experiences I've ever had in my years as a customer (in any industry). I would not recommend this company to my worst enemy.

    By:   (Raleigh, NC)Reviewed On:

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    Worked for me

    Yes, I recommend this lender

    After a bad try at a loan with Loan Depot it was a pleasure to deal with these people. Rate and costs were ok.

    By:   (Miami)Reviewed On:

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    Very Honest

    Yes, I recommend this lender

    They met all of their commitments. Totally issue and stress free process.

    By:   (South Carolina)Reviewed On:

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Sebonic Financial is a division of Cardinal Financial Company, a full service mortgage banking firm in operation since 1987.  The company is an approved seller/servicer for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae. Cardinal is also an approved lending institution for the Department of Housing and Urban Development/Federal Housing Administration and the Department of Veteran Affairs/Veterans Administration with FHAs Direct Endorsement and VA Automatic Lender Authority.  Cardinal is an authorized lender for the USDA/Rural Housing Program, the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency and the New Jersey Mortgage Housing Finance Agency.   Cardinal is licensed by the Departments of Banking in many states, mainly in the eastern and southeastern United States.  Its retail and wholesale divisions originate first mortgage loans for qualified borrowers.
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