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Who is Supreme Lending?

We have a strong and genuine belief in the “customer for life” principal of doing business. It is what fuels our company. Supreme uses the most advanced technologies available to close loans quickly, at a low cost. By combining the use of the internet...

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90% of our customers would recommend this lender. (85 of 94)

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    I thought I'd NEVER qualify for a mortgage

    Yes, I recommend this lender

    I had an enforced retirement for personal reasons for almost three years, and I already have a mortgage on another home . I'd only been back to work for one year, and I really didn't think I'd qualify. Mark worked so hard to help work through every issue, and he felt like a Godsend to me. He got everything done and met my deadline, and I'm now in a lovely condo that I really love. I would recommend them any time. By the way, we're a family fan. My niece in Texas recommended them as they had a fairly new office in Indianapolis. We are both very happy!

    By:   (Indianapolis, IN)Reviewed On:

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    They take your money with high rate

    I was quoted for a rate of 4.5%. My credit score is in the top range and their rate was more than 1% high than others and they trying to stick me with discount points. Stay far away?

    By:   (Dallas, TX)Reviewed On:

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    Can't be trusted - Real review.

    Sorry. My initial impression was like very good as I thought they were saying everything I want to hear. But when things are moving further we actually cant even get hold of the person anymore. Took my business somewhere else. I see all these wonderful reviews here but i am not sure if they are paid to say that or what. As that's not what I as a customer got.

    By:   (FLORIDA)Reviewed On:

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    Unknowledgeable Reps!

    I switched insurance companies.My property taxes went up. I owed towards my escrow because of these factors. Which I am still going to investigate because my mortgage payment went up, and I have been paying for the last several months. I called a rep yesterday and I asked her what I need to pay to bring my escrow account current. SHE WAS OVER 1,000 SHORT! come to find out I owe more than what I was told! These people don't care. I am looking into refinancing with my bank instead. I am tired of dealing with Supreme Lending. I only choose them because my real estate agent recommended them because the LOAN officer worked really fast and did well on approvals. Which she did work well and efficiently. WILL BE SWITCHING COMPANIES! GET RID OF YOUR ESCROW ACCOUNTS! WE PAY 1300 A YEAR APPROX just for them to handle sending our property and insurance payments!We are disciplined enough to handle these payments ourselves. review #665282

    By:   (Dallas, TX)Reviewed On:

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    Run Around and Closing Nightmare

    I went with Supreme as they seemed to be the best option for my loan. After completing all of the disclosure paper work over a weekend (sent to me on a Friday) I find out the rate in my disclose was much lower than what my actual rate would be (and I have strong credit). Wound up locked in at 4.00 rather than the 3.85 I was quoted. When closing day came we had to push back the close 3 times due to the lender not having documents ready. We were on a time sensitive close (seller stipulation in the contract) and Supreme (who had promised all along it would be done) failed to pull through. They kept promising the title office paperwork and not delivering. Due to their lateness with paperwork my rate expired and I had to speak with my LO to ensure they would extend it. He did (the reason they didn't get a 1), but still didn't have the paper work ready for my second closing date. Had to go to the title office 3 times over 2 days as each time I was told by my LO that the paper work was being sent, but then their closing department didn't send it. Frank Pyle was great to work with and a straight shooter, but everything else was mucked up. From not being told about the need for additional documents, to having me sit in the title office for 3 hours one day just to find out they couldn't get the job done, I walked away from this purchase exhausted and not in a position to recommend anyone to Supreme.

    By:   (Indianapolis)Reviewed On:

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    Frank Pyle Exceeded My Expectations

    Yes, I recommend this lender

    Frank Pyle, my loan officer, was one of the best I have ever worked with. This being the 3rd home I have purchased, I have worked with quite a few. He was extremely responsive, always getting back to me as quickly as possible. Extremely detail oriented, more than willing to spend as much time as necessary to answer all of my questions. Taking the time to review each and every line item I had questions on. I started working with Frank back in November, while I was still searching for just the right home and he was there every step of the way to help me. Frank is very knowledgeable and made this entire home buying process much easier. I closed on my new home in 30 days! Thank you Frank and Supreme Lending for helping me purchase my dream home.

    By:   (Monmouth County, New Jersey)Reviewed On:

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    Best Lender around hands down! :)

    Yes, I recommend this lender

    Buying a house can really be a stressful ordeal but securing a loan through Supreme Lending has made the process much easier! I couldn't have chosen a better company to assist me in buying my first home. The application process was thorough and very detailed, however we were able to close on our home within 60 days. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who wants to avoid the delays that may occur when dealing with bigger corporations. Supreme Lending is definitely my #1 choice!

    By:   (McCordsville, IN)Reviewed On:

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    An overall positive experience

    Yes, I recommend this lender

    I have been lucky enough to work with this lending company twice and the employees are nothing but professional and courteous and willing to help you obtain your loan in the easiest way that is possible.

    By:   (New Jersey)Reviewed On:

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    Eric Armendariz was quick and helped me save money

    Yes, I recommend this lender

    I worked with Eric Armendariz from the Dallas location and he was perfect! My home purchase went really smooth and he was very responsive. Eric helped me save money! He does everything possible for you to pay the least out of pocket. If you explain your situation to him he will do everything possible to work with you. I highly recommend him!!

    By:   (Houston, TX)Reviewed On:

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    No help after loan

    As simple as change of address for supreme lending is like pulling teeth. Have submitted form for last 5 months and no help what so ever from anyone at supreme lending. Wrote e-mails with no reply's. Would never recommend this lender for anything.

    By:   (mckinney texas)Reviewed On:

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We have a strong and genuine belief in the “customer for life” principal of doing business. It is what fuels our company. Supreme uses the most advanced technologies available to close loans quickly, at a low cost. By combining the use of the internet along with advanced processing software and automated underwriting systems, we have taken the mystery out of approving and closing a home loan. With automated updates and a constant focus on customer service our clients always know what the status of their loan is. Complete your application with Supreme Lending today and let us show you how easy it is to be approved for a home loan.
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