Our Philanthropic Mission, Pillars, and Impact

Our Mission

To amplify economic opportunities for individuals, businesses, and communities. The LendaHand Initiative, made up of the LendingTree Foundation and LendingTree Philanthropy, will focus on empowering people to overcome obstacles — financial and others — in areas that align with LendingTree’s Core Principles, and leverage our expertise in financial wellness, entrepreneurship and innovation, homeownership, and upward mobility.

Our Pillars

The LendingTree Foundation was created to amplify and promote opportunities within the areas of our four pillars: financial wellness, innovation and entrepreneurship, homeownership, and upward mobility. By leveraging our expertise and focusing on these areas, it is our belief that we can achieve the greatest impact to improve the lives of all, in these areas and beyond, through our LendaHand Initiative.

Financial Wellness

To support and provide opportunities that promote the financial well-being of individuals, communities, and businesses through financial education, assistance, and resources in an effort to improve financial literacy and stability.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

To support and provide opportunities that foster innovation for our current and next generations through creative methods and forward-thinking initiatives to enhance opportunities for entrepreneurship, modernization, and awareness for socioeconomic matters in our communities.

Upward Mobility

To support and provide opportunities that promote the upward mobility for individuals and communities to improve the livelihood and well-being for those facing unforeseen obstacles — financial and other — in effort to provide tools for growth, stability, and empowerment.


To support and promote homeownership for individuals in need, and otherwise unable, through opportunities that offer affordable housing, financial assistance, and resources in effort to create stability for individuals and communities.

Our LendaHand Alliance Cohort

As our signature giving program, the LendaHand Alliance Cohort is a multi-year investment in founder-led, community embedded, and emerging non-profits, as well as larger non-profits that have a unique and innovative approach for a greater impact. Each cohort member will receive $125,000/year with a three year commitment, which amounts to over $3.5 million of total grant support from the LendingTree Foundation, in addition to business expertise and social capital opportunities for a more transformational impact for both the organization and for our community.

Meet our 2021-23 LendaHand Alliance Cohort Members:

ArtPop Street Gallery

Mission: To showcase artists by featuring their art in public spaces, equipping them to achieve sustainable success, and making art accessible for all people in the community.

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Charlotte is Creative

Mission: To foster creativity by developing programs and initiatives designed to break the Charlotte mold and re-make it with creativity – into a city that draws people in, excites them, and inspires them to invest their financial, social, and creative capital.

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Charlotte Rescue Mission

Mission: Charlotte Rescue Mission is transforming lives in the name of Jesus Christ by serving people impacted by addiction to equip them to thrive in the community.

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Common Wealth Charlotte

Mission: To empower Charlotte's economically-vulnerable families to achieve financial independence through innovative, trauma-informed financial education and capability services, and to be an integral part of Charlotte's community-wide…

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Mission: To equip shareholders with the means to foster optimal use of technology in the learning environment, ensuring that all 21st century learners have opportunities to succeed in the digital age to eventually overcome the digital divide.

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Do Greater Charlotte

Mission: To ignite creative confidence in all students by facilitating access and exposure to design, entrepreneurship, and technology innovations so that they can turn their ideas into future opportunities.

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Dottie Rose

Mission: To connect the dots within the technology and computer science sphere to educate, support, and inspire the next generation by creating a supportive algorithm to close the gender gap for females in the field of technology…

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Freedom Communities

Mission: Our mission is family-centered community transformation. We work one on one with families while investing in the infrastructure and partnerships to build a thriving Freedom Drive Corridor.

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The Relatives

Mission: To keep kids safe and families together while preparing youth and young adults to be healthy, productive, engaged members of the community.

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West Side Community Land Trust

Mission: To create permanently affordable housing with community-centered development in west Charlotte and beyond.

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Our Impact

The LendaHand Initiative, made up of the LendingTree Foundation and LendingTree Philanthropy, is committed to making an impact in our communities through efforts that focus on our pillar areas by leveraging our expertise, employees, and strategic partnerships. In addition to opportunities created and led by the LendaHand Initiative, we partner with several organizations, programs, and initiatives to achieve this.

2020 at a glance:


Our LendaHand Initiative, made up of all LendingTree, LendingTree Foundation and employee efforts, totaled over $1.766M in all giving and volunteering programs for 2020 with over 141 organizations impacted and 340 employee volunteer hours recorded.


To help those most affected by COVID-19, the LendingTree Foundation donated $1,000,000 to the COVID-19 Response Fund for the city of Charlotte and $250K to launch our LendaHand Employee Relief Fund.


A combined total of all employee and company matched donations by the LendingTree Foundation for 2020 was $238K, including $46K towards the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Financial Roots Program

Through our EverFi partnership, our Financial Roots program by the LendingTree Foundation continues to provide financial education for elementary and high schools totaling 6,458 students, 94 schools, and over 8,600 hours of learning for the 2019-2020 school year.