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Who is OpenRoad Lending?

OpenRoad is your auto loan specialist assisting you in the financing of a new or used vehicle or refinancing your existing vehicle. Our staff has helped tens of thousands of consumers just like you get into the car or truck of their dreams. With OpenRoad,...

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43% of our customers would recommend this lender. (13 of 30)

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    Fast and Couteous

    Yes, I recommend this lender

    Got a flyer in the mail saying they could reduce my interest a considerable amount. Went online and filled out the application. Within a day had a rate that was way lower than what I was already paying. Got a call the next day from Todd at Open road Lending who called me several times to update me. Within a week and a half the check had been sent to my lender to pay off my car loan giving me a month off of payments. Now my payment is over a hundred dollars less a month. Other than the paperwork I had to send back along with sending them my title it was quick and easy. Would recommend to anyone looking to lower their payment to give them a try.

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    stay away waste of time

    I wish I never had contacted them. Credit Karma led me to believe they could help lower my rav 4 payment on my used vehicle purchased less than a year ago. Over a week later they determined the trade in vehicle was a lot less than the loan, well really. It should not have been a surprise as most cars bought in less than a year will have loans more than a trade in value. I would not recommend them to my worst enemy as they are a true waste of time.

    By:   (Wichita KS)Reviewed On:

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    Had a great experience

    Yes, I recommend this lender

    OpenRoad Lending helped us save $200 a month on our monthly car payment with the same term we had before. They cut our interest rate from 21% to 8.6%. The team member we worked with was Laura- she was great and always got back with us quickly. We were skeptical to use OpenRoad because we had never heard of them before, but we kept getting postcards in the mail saying how much we could save. We gave them a call and are so glad we did! They were professional and we would definitely work with them if we ever need to refinance a car loan in the future. If your credit has improved since your car loan was first taken out and you have made all your payments on time they can definitely help you lower your interest rate or payment or both.

    By:   (Lakewood, CO)Reviewed On:

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    Don't waste your time.

    This company kept stringing us along telling us we were approved for five weeks. They were making ridiculous requests beyond what was required for loan application. They were dragging their feet on issues like middle initial missing on present loan and required us to get a notary to show we were the same person. They told us we were approved and were just waiting for documents to pay off our existing loan in the fifth week. In the final hour they told us they had to run another credit report because of the length of time that had passed and we were not approved although there had been absolutely no changes in our credit report. They waited so long that I had to put a stop payment to my existing finance company to prevent me from chasing my money after the pay-off. I luckily was able to reverse the stop payment on the day it was due. I just want to Thank Open Road Lending for completely wasting our time over the last five weeks. Hopefully this review will prevent others from going thru the same thing. I'm fifty years old and have never dealt with a company as shady as these guys. We honestly regret giving them our personal information.

    By:   (San Tan Valley, Az.)Reviewed On:

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    waste of time

    I got my approval today for a higher rate. Yea. Sign me up!!!

    By:   (Stratford NJ)Reviewed On:

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    Yes, I recommend this lender

    Honestly the process of refinancing my car through OpenRoad Lending was easier than the process of purchasing my car. They managed to lower my interest rate by over 7% and drop my payment by $30.00 per month. Also cut a month off the term and I didn't have to make a payment this month. :-) Khiela Harris was a huge help and answered any questions that I had. Thanks OpenRoad Lending.

    By:   (Pittsburgh, PA)Reviewed On:

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    high rates

    Why do they send me back a rate that's higher than what I already have???

    By:   (CA.)Reviewed On:

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    My new car loan people!!!!

    Yes, I recommend this lender

    The entire experience with OpenRoad Lending was nothing but positive. They were fast, honest, and pleasant to work with. They got me a 3.5% auto loan at 60 months and I was upside down in my car/value ratio. They cut almost $150 off my payment a month! I will be doing more business with them in the future.

    By:   (Savannah, GA)Reviewed On:

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    Credit challenged folks like me

    Yes, I recommend this lender

    Need to be honest and realistic about their prospects. I was denied a refinance loan from open road lending. That being said, the blame lies solely on myself. Bad decisions that I made in my past is what brought me to the situation that I currently live in. I have a great car and am 14 months into a 13.99% - 73 month loan with capital 1. I have neither good things nor negative things to say about Openroad Lending. Their response was quick and accurate. I get a kick out of all these negative reviews by past posters that aren't realistic about why they can't get approved either. Anytime a financial institute sends you an offer, it's a PRE QUALIFICATION notice. . . Before they give final approval, they have to review all the necessary info regarding your situation. My advice to fellow credit challenged consumers!!!! Be patient, keep making on time payments, and educate yourself on how credit works. Don't waste your time slinging mud to those who are simply doing their jobs. . . Cisco was my CSR and he treated me with kindness and I have nothing but gratitude for the way he tried to get my loan approved.

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OpenRoad is your auto loan specialist assisting you in the financing of a new or used vehicle or refinancing your existing vehicle. Our staff has helped tens of thousands of consumers just like you get into the car or truck of their dreams. With OpenRoad, you are in the driver’s seat when it comes to the full details of your loan. No hidden costs, no application fees – just a great rate, easy process and award-winning customer service experience to help you along the way. With the OpenRoad Lending approval you get to choose the car and franchised dealer within your state of residence. You are in control of your financing and in control of your purchase.
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