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Who is HomeBridge Financial Services, Inc.?

HomeBridge Financial Services was established in 1989 and enjoys an excellent reputation among the Real Estate and Finance community. We are a full service mortgage bank and have an experienced professional staff, state of the art technology and...

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71% of our customers would recommend this lender. (35 of 49)

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    Exceeded Our Expectations

    Yes, I recommend this lender

    After losing another home a few months prior, due to having a bad lender that made lots of promises and couldn't follow-through at the last possible moment, we were skeptical to begin our search, again. In what universe does the president of the company call to assure you that everything is going to go seamlessly? Well, with Homebridge, I spoke to Doug Rotella many times. Whenever my agent had a question, or concern, he was ALWAYS available (even when recuperating from surgery). John Lewandowski was super responsive and helped me understand every part of the process. We were getting a VA loan, which isn't a commonality in Bergen County, NJ. Any questions, or concerns with what would be permitted with this type of loan were always found-out within a few hours. Other lenders tried to hike-up our rate and act as though they were giving us a credit, when they were really double-dipping on their fees. Homebridge could not have been more fair when it came to our rate and the origination fees charged for the loan. I couldn't recommend these guys more highly. I had especially difficult seller's and a TERRIBLE seller's agent (trying to get us to switch to her mortgage brokerage to approve our offer, etc). These guys never got frustrated and didn't miss a beat.

    By:   (Mahwah, NJ)Reviewed On:

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    Found us the perfect Loan

    Yes, I recommend this lender

    I can not say enough about this company. They really helped us through a difficult time. We were really up against the wall and they did everything for us to get a loan. We were finally approved for 5% down on a loan for a 400K home. This is now allowing us to do the improvements we want in the home and location that we wanted. They stuck with us through 4 months of ups and downs between the IRS and sellers. I would use these guys again in a heartbeat!

    By:   (Arlington Heights, IL)Reviewed On:

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    Barry Sharif Excellent

    Yes, I recommend this lender

    We were so fortunate to have work with Barry Sharif on a refinance. Barry was professional, extremely knowledgeable and helpful from start to finish. As soon as we agreed to work with him on refinancing, he prepared work sheets with several options and went through them during our first phone call. Each spreadsheet showed us how much we could save if we were to choose any of the option. We were so impressed, it really saved us a lot of time. He offered the best rate and also helped us to cash out and pay off all high interest rate credit cards. We are saving a huge amount of money every month with the same term length of loan. As promised the loan was closed within 4-5 weeks. We highly recommend Barry Sharif NMLS # 528759 without any question.

    By:   (Washington)Reviewed On:

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    Yes, I recommend this lender

    Fast... Accurate Costs... Always available to answer my questions...Without a doubt the best experience I've had doing a loan, I understand this company has a few different offices, Make sure you are talking to the people in Parsippany... they are far and away the most knowledgeable and friendliest.

    By:   (Morristown, NJ)Reviewed On:

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    Total waste of Time.

    I had the same experience as many others with this company, I filled out my application, Homebridge ran my credit, approved me, told me everything looked great, and then simply NEVER followed through with the pre-approval, GFE, or loan information. Now I am just stuck with the hard inquiry, and will have to go with a new lender, who will have to run an additional inquiry (more than a month later). I will take a 10 point hit to my score because these guys simply failed to respond or follow-up. Pretty lame

    By:   (Florida)Reviewed On:

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    Cannot meet deadlines!

    This company has taken the human element out of this industry. If you are under a strict timeframe to close or get anything done DO NOT use this company. We had to reschedule with our movers 5 times because this company could not get things done in a timely manner. When you get a clear to close it means nothing with this company. Save yourself the heartache and frustration and choose a different company.

    By:   (Denver, CO)Reviewed On:

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    I am extremly diappointed with the customer service and follow through. My time was wasted! After almost 3 months of giving me the run around the loan originator I was working with made little to no effort to provide us with the loan he told us we qualified for. Our credit was checked over 3 times and STILL they were never able to give us the pre-approval we were seeking. Overall, it was a horrible experience!

    By:   (Chandler, AZ)Reviewed On:

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    Smooth & Easy Refinance

    Yes, I recommend this lender

    I closed after only 5 weeks of processing my first refinance. Jon at HomeBridge did an excellent job and so did everyone else that handled my account. Everyone was professional and helped my though the process. I would recommend them to everyone!

    By:   (Lawrenceville NJ)Reviewed On:

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    Spent an hour on the phone. Never heard back

    I spoke to one of the brokers and gave him all the information. They ran a hard credit report and my credit rating was excellent. Rep said I was totally qualified. He was supposed to send me an email follow up with the info. never did. Never returned my calls or emails either. I called his boss who was very apologetic and he said he would look ihto it and call me back. Still waiting. Where is this customer service that they keep bragging about.

    By:   (Glens Falls NY)Reviewed On:

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    Very easy, worked with me

    Yes, I recommend this lender

    Home bridge was awesome. Not only did they keep me in the loop at all times, they even helped facilitate items that I could not get on my own. I started the process on 2/12/14 and just signed my closing documents and will be funded on 3/25. I had medicore credit at 620, and they worked with me to not only get the approval but helped clean up my credit report. I highly recommend homebridge to anyone in a similiar situation, low credit, bad report, etc. My rate was slightly higher than the current rate, and thats due to my credit rating. Current Mortgage rates as of 3/22/2014: 4.5% My Homebridge Approval on $150,000: 5% We abasorbed both of our car payments (my wife's any mine), and ended up paying $125 less than our combined car payments, paid off student loans and credit cards and have more money going into the bank account every month. Homebridge really helped us out!

    By:   (Virginia)Reviewed On:

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HomeBridge Financial Services was established in 1989 and enjoys an excellent reputation among the Real Estate and Finance community. We are a full service mortgage bank and have an experienced professional staff, state of the art technology and extensive resources to handle all of your mortgage needs no matter how large or small. We are committed to providing the finest lending products and services available, to ensure you are satisfied in every way possible. You can BANK ON IT! HomeBridge Financial Services is a full service mortgage banker offering a wide array of mortgage products and services to homeowners. As a mortgage banker we are a direct lender of fixed rate, adjustable rate and FHA / VA loans.
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