Update your bathroom: 10 quick fixes

If you’re in the mood to renovate your home, the bathroom can be a great place to start. With a little bit of sweat equity and not a lot of money, you can renovate your bathroom in no time. Follow these 10 quick fixes and you’ll be on your way to a gleaming new bathroom before you know it.

1. Paint
One of the quickest and easiest ways to change the look of your bathroom is to re-paint it. Choose a color that brightens up the space. You can also try a special technique, such as faux painting or sponge painting. These can leave your bathroom looking like a professional painted it.

2. Towels and shower curtain
Buying new hand towels and a new shower curtain can easily change the entire look of your bathroom. If you re-painted the bathroom, be sure to find towels and a shower curtain that compliment the new bathroom color.

3. Accessories
At the local home improvement store, you can find lots of accessories for your bathroom. This can be as simple as buying a new toothbrush holder and soap dish, or you can go as far as replacing the towel racks and toilet paper holder with a new design.

4. Drawer pulls and knobs
Another quick and easy way to update your bathroom is to replace the drawer pulls and cabinet knobs. You can find a large selection of these at your local home improvement store. You might even want to splurge and get very elegant ones. Usually, the bathroom is such a small space, it shouldn’t take a lot of hardware, so it can be worth the extra cost.

5. Faucet
Replacing the faucet is yet another extremely easy way to update your bathroom. Again, the home improvement store has a wide variety to choose from, and this is a simple project that you can probably complete in an hour or so.

6. Lighting
As long as you are replacing items in your bathroom, why not replace the lighting? You can find new lighting that can create a dramatic effect.

7. Artwork
Adding art to the walls is one of the simplest things that you can do to update your bathroom. Start by choosing a theme; there are all kinds of options. You can frame family photos of your beach vacations (make sure that you have duplicate copies of the pictures just in case they get damaged) or cards of Impressionist paintings, for example. Use your creativity to decorate your bathroom walls.

8. Deep cleaning
Giving your bathroom a deep cleaning can also give it an update. It is amazing how quickly the bathroom can get dirty and dull just from daily use. Spend an afternoon scrubbing the baseboards, the shower, the cabinetry, and every crevice in your bathroom to give it a fresh look.

9. New sink or vanity
Another great way to update your bathroom is to replace the sink or vanity. You can get a pedestal sink, a different vanity, or something really unique and trendy, such as a vanity with a sink that sits on top of it.

10. New flooring
One of the more ambitious ways to update your bathroom is to replace the flooring. You can tile the bathroom floor or even add hardwood or bamboo flooring. Decide what type of flooring best fits the needs in a bathroom and the look that you are going for and go from there.

Updating your bathroom might not be as hard as you think. A little creativity and a little bit of work can transform your bathroom in just a small amount of time.


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