How to use an open house to your advantage

When it comes to home buying, open houses are a great way to step up your search and gain a better understanding of the housing market in your area. Below are a few advantages of open houses for you, the home buyer:

Speaking with real estate agents face-to-face
An open house is a great way to meet different real estate agents and ask questions regarding the home, such as its size and features, learn details about the community and find out other important information including school system statistics and property tax figures. You may also be able to find out information on other homes for sale in the area and the prices of homes that have recently sold.

Exploring different neighborhoods
Finding the right neighborhood is an important part of buying the right home for you. By seeking out open houses, you can find out:

  • If the community has any added perks, maybe a pool or exercise facility, or pitfalls, such as high assessment fees.
  • Its proximity to other venues including the supermarket or the mall.
  • See how others in the community take care of their homes and property.

Learning about floor plans and features
The more homes you see, the more you discover what you like and what you dislike in a home. And, with an open house, the entire family can get involved – allowing you to figure out everyone’s preferences and factoring those into your home search. In the long run, this will help you to find the right home, with the right features for your family.

Comparing prices
By looking at different homes, you can begin to compare prices and assess what is the best economic fit considering your financial situation. Different homes in different communities can vary dramatically in price, so learning about the different markets in your area is very important in the home buying process.

Meeting people who live in the community
Neighbors often come to open houses in their community. This is a great opportunity to meet the individuals that live in the area and find out their thoughts on the neighborhood. You may also be able to gain some personal information on the home’s sellers – how they take care of their home, their eagerness to sell, any defects the home may have, etc.

Acting candidly
When home shopping, it is sometimes hard to have candid dialogue about a property, however, at an open house, you can speak freely – and sometimes hear the thoughts of others looking at the home as well! This is also a great way to meet other home buyers and find out where they are looking and any tips they may have on the area.


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