7 reasons your home isn't selling

With home sales slowing nationwide, most homeowners expect that they’ll have to wait a little longer to find a buyer than they would have even a year ago. But if that for-sale sign has been in the yard for so long that it’s gathering dust, and your home has gotten fewer bites than broccoli at a kid’s birthday party, maybe it’s time to reassess your sales strategy. Here are seven reasons why your home isn’t selling and what you can do about it:

1. The price is too high.
Real estate experts often like to say they can sell any house – for the right price. Overpricing is commonly considered the number one reason why homes don’t sell. Finding an honest expert who can tell you what other truly comparable homes in your neighborhood are selling for is the key to getting the price right.

2. The location is bad.
Are you on a busy street or in a noisy neighborhood? Is your school assignment awful? Unfortunately, you can’t do much about your house’s location. Cleverly placed landscaping can make up for some positioning problems, as can a competitive price.

3. You need to cut the clutter.
Buyers want a house that looks spacious, open and clean when they walk in. Stash your toiletries in the bathroom cabinets, hide the mail and newspapers and take your kids’ artwork off the refrigerator.

4. Shabby is no longer chic.
These days, buyers don’t have to accept worn carpet and peeling paint. Do the fixing up for them, before you put your house on the market.

5. You don’t fit in.
We’re all for individuality, but not necessarily when it comes to selling your house. Maybe your groovy paint color looks goofy amid its conservative neighbors. Getting noticed is usually what you want in a crowded market, but in this case, you should talk to a real estate expert about how to make your house stand out just a little less.

6. You’ve got the wrong real estate agent.
Maybe your listing agent has a reputation for being difficult to work with. Or maybe she’s not doing all she can to market your home. Make sure you’re entrusting your listing to a competent professional. Here’s a good place to start your REALTOR® search.

7. The market is soft.
Some markets have been especially hard-hit by a softening economy. If that’s the case where you live, you may want to consider putting off your home sale, offering your home for rent or lowering your price expectations.


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