Tips for selling less-desirable homes

Are you trying to sell a less-desirable home? These days, many home buyers want open floor plans, huge master suites (including master baths with walk-in showers and whirlpool tubs), and large, bright kitchens with high-end stainless-steel appliances. Buyers with that kind of vision may find a dated split-level or a mid-century ranch home with small bedrooms lacking.


  • Assuming you’re not going to spend tons of money remodeling your less-desirable home, you need to figure out how to highlight your home’s best features. Here are some tips that might help turn your less-desirable home into to a must-see:


  • Heavy curtains can make a room seem dingy and closed off from the outdoors. New, minimal window treatments can bring the outside in and brighten up even the most undesirable rooms.


  • Split-level homes, now considered less-desirable homes by many, often feature large dens with fireplaces. Make sure the den looks large and cozy, not dark and crowded. Get rid of any outdated furnishings and clean the fireplace. Consider painting over outdated brick or covering it with travertine tile.


  • Most buyers want to see a bright, clean, modern kitchen. If yours isn’t modern, at least make sure it’s clean. Consider updated lighting and hardware to counter the dated look of many less-desirable homes.


  • Light-colored paint can freshen up older, less-desirable homes and make them look newer.


  • Remove or replace old, stained or worn carpeting, which makes a home look shabby. Refinished hardwood floors reinforce the appeal of an older home.


  • Clutter turns buyers off. If you clear the clutter, rooms that may be small by today’s standards, and therefore less desirable, will appear larger.


  • Curb appeal is even more important for less-desirable homes. Attractive, easy-to-maintain landscaping, bright annuals and well-trimmed trees can help turn an outdated home into a quaint home nestled in a mature neighborhood.

Consider hiring a professional home stager, who is trained to de-emphasize the weaknesses of less-desirable homes and highlight their strengths.


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