5 Tips for Moving with Children

However, you can make it much easier by following these 5 simple tips:

1. Tell Them. You might face some hostile reactions at first, but it's important that you encourage them to talk about how they feel, and let them know you're really listening to their concerns. And make sure they hear it from you -- if they hear about moving from a neighbor or someone else, you'll have some angry children on your hands.

2. Involve Them: After you tell them, make them a part of your move, particularly if your children are older, says Lori Collins Burgan, the author of "Moving With Kids: 25 Ways to Ease Your Family's Transition to a New Home." If you haven't selected a house yet in their new hometown, get their input when you've narrowed down your choices to a few that you would be comfortable living in.

If you don't want to do this, you can solicit their input on the types of homes they like, and then try to find a home with those features. At the new home, they might be able to choose their new rooms (maybe let the eldest child have first choice, followed by the younger kids).

On moving day, you should get the younger children out of the way. However, when packing, here's a fun way to involve them: color-code your boxes to their rooms, ie, maybe red is the kitchen, the master bedroom is blue. For the boxes in those rooms, encourage your younger ones to use magic markers in those colors to draw pictures on the box. They'll enjoy it, and they'll feel like they're playing a role in the moving process.  

3. Telling Others: Ask your kids if they'd like to tell their parents and neighbors about the move, or whether they'd like you to do it. Perhaps they can even help decide whether to finish out the school year in your current home, or start at the new school now.

4. Party: Have some kind of goodbye party, even if it's just something informal, says Collins Burgan. It can be a good way to help children move on (even if they stew at you for a little while after the move). For littler kids, you can take them to their favorite places (parks, etc.) and have them say goodbye.

5. The Move: Make the drive to your new home a mini-vacation. If you have time, stop off at fun places along the way, and stay at hotels that have nice pools and amenities. Moving with family isn't easy, but if you make the trip to your new home a fun experience, it gets everyone started out on the right foot, and can help ease your children's transition.

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