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  • NMLS ID: 423112
    from Allentown, PA - October, 2017

    "Applied for a loan thru them before noon time on friday and had to call around 2pm cause i still haven't heard from them. Considering this was supposed to be a 24 hr loan approval, i was told by the customer rep that they just forgot to send me a email stating that i was not approved for the personal loan that i ask for. When ask for the reason why she kept saying the reason for the refusal so fast that it took until the 5th time asking when she finally slowed downed enough to tell me. It was a very lame excuse, especially since i only needed the money to help defer payments that are coming up so not to affect my credit rating. I got mad cause if they would have sent out the email to me in the morning i could have tried to find resources to get another loan somewhere else but they wasted the whole day not telling me. Even asked if i took it at a lower amount say only 3k instead of 5500 as i originally asked for and was told real fast...no amount is going to get you a loan approval. Yeah funny since i have a 715 credit score and i'm being treated like i have a 300 credit score. Its always nice when a bank thinks outside of the box to lure in customers and then in the end, just acts like all other banks in the way they treat you. Not happy"... Read More

  • (4.6 of 5) 2936 Reviews
    from Philadelphia, PA - October, 2017

    "The experience was good. The fee was high."

  • (4.6 of 5) 2181 Reviews
    from Crestview, FL - October, 2017

    "Heard great things about them but didn't have much interaction!"

  • (4.6 of 5) 185 Reviews
    from Tooele, UT - October, 2017

    "it my first time"

  • (4.6 of 5) 121 Reviews
    from Winter Haven, FL - October, 2017

    "The Representative Kenny was very personable and informative and polite! I felt confident with him and he helped me understand the loan and process. I'm excited about getting my finances in order and having financial Freedom very soon. "

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  • (4.5 of 5) 111 Reviews
    from Taylor, MI - October, 2017

    "Great experience in fifty i have never had such a simple loan application and approval results so fast and easy,felt nice to be treated like a customer."

  • (4.8 of 5) 235 Reviews
    from Chicago, IL - October, 2017

    "I want offer but free credit check"

  • (4.8 of 5) 69 Reviews
    from Tulsa, OK - October, 2017

    "I say only work with Dillon very very professional & keeps you up to date with everything! I know he stayed late & missed lunches over my deal. I know that you will be satisfied. I owe this all to Dillon! Thank you so much! "

  • (4.8 of 5) 59 Reviews
    from Wausau, WI - October, 2017

    "Quick easy and painless. Had money within a couple days and setting up auto-pay was a breeze. "

  • (5 of 5) 8 Reviews
    from Milwaukee, WI - March, 2017

    "Rate was higher than expected but the best offer of the bunch. Nick from customer service helped me with the application which was nice. "

  • NMLS ID: 397340
    (4.3 of 5) 2619 Reviews
    from Crestview, FL - October, 2017

    "Didn't interact much! Hoped for more!"

  • (4.3 of 5) 44 Reviews
    from Victorville, CA - September, 2017

    "The interest rate is extremely high, but I received the loan really quick. I plan to pay it back sooner than they gave me so I won't have to pay all of that interest. "

  • from Staunton, VA - October, 2017

    "This was one of the best experiences with a bank I have ever had. Chris was excellent to work with. He gave me everything I needed to know up front so I could make an informed decision. There were no hidden surprises. He never pushed me to make apply for the loan. He gave me the information over the phone then emailed it to me and encouraged me to think about it before deciding. There wasn't much to think about given the interest rate was about 18.5% lower than one of my credit cards! I was able to do an unsecured personal debt consolidation loan and will have it paid off quicker than I would have the credit card paid off. Plus, I saved thousands. There was a slight issue with my bank. Chris worked to get it resolved quickly. Steve walked me through the final application steps and I received the money within 36 hrs. The closing fee is 5% which seems average with the current market. Overall, great experience and highly recommend"... Read More

  • (3.6 of 5) 29 Reviews
    from Daly City, CA - September, 2017

    "Great loan service. They are really consistent in helping others. Very professional and will recommend to others who need financial help. "

  • (4.5 of 5) 6 Reviews
    from Chicago, IL - October, 2015

    "vouch was every thing that they promise.they delivered ,what they said"