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12 Personal Finance Podcasts to Help You Take Control of Your Money

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Learning about personal finance doesn’t have to be dry and time-consuming — it can be as simple as tuning in to a podcast. You can gain insights on investing, saving, debt management and the economy at large all while driving to work or folding your laundry.

LendingTree compiled a list of 12 financial podcasts that can help you learn about money one episode at a time:
General personal finance podcasts
Financial independence podcasts
Financial news and economics podcasts
Women and money podcasts
How (and where) to listen to podcasts

General personal finance podcasts

Paychecks & Balances Laid-back podcast that answers common money questions with a focus on millennials in their 20s and 30s.
So Money Personal finance podcast that addresses a wide range of topics with a robust library of episodes.
We Study Billionaires Investing and money management podcast that shines a light on how the world’s most successful billionaires made their money.

Paychecks & Balances

Millennials are criticized for being bad with money: overspending on avocado toast and unable to save up enough money for a downpayment on a house, for example. The Paychecks & Balances podcast debunks those stereotypes. Hosts Rich Jones and Marcus Garrett take a real-world approach to subjects like getting out of debt, managing your money and professional growth, all with a focus on career professionals in their 20s and 30s.

The Paychecks & Balances website acts as a resource hub, so you can supplement your podcast listening with your own research and personal finance tools.

What stands out: Laid-back tone, access to resources

So Money with Farnoosh Torabi

If you’re searching for a personal finance podcast that touches on a wide array of topics, this is for you. Farnoosh Torabi of the So Money podcast addresses everything from budgeting and debt management to real estate and investing. Torabi takes listener questions on Fridays for the “Ask Farnoosh” segment. You can submit your questions for Torabi on the So Money podcast website.

Plus, this podcast will keep you occupied for weeks or months, with over 1,000 episodes published to date.

What stands out: Listener accessibility, robust content library

We Study Billionaires by The Investor’s Podcast Network

Have you ever wondered how billionaires like Jack Dorsey, Warren Buffett and Richard Branson made their fortunes? So did Preston Pysh and Stig Broderson of the We Study Billionaires podcast. They dive deep into the lives of successful investors and entrepreneurs to determine what makes them successful.

If you catch up on the podcast’s nearly 300 episodes, there’s still more. The Investor’s Podcast Network also produces shows like Millennial Investing and Real Estate Investing.

What stands out: Wide-reaching podcast network, applicable investing advice

Financial independence podcasts

Financial Independence Podcast The quintessential FIRE movement podcast, backed by a website that offers tools that listeners can utilize
Journey to Launch Taking control of your money through financial independence is the name of the game here, coupled with insightful interviews.

Financial Independence Podcast by the Mad Fientist

You might have heard of the FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) movement, which caters to people who are tired of living paycheck to paycheck and want to take control of their finances. The Mad Fientist interviews the biggest voices in the movement, like Mr. Money Moustache and “Coach” Chad Carson.

The Mad Fientist doesn’t put out episodes often: maybe every month or every few months. This podcast goes for quality over quantity, but with about 60 episodes as of April 2020, there’s still plenty to catch up on for new listeners.

As an added bonus, you can download the FI Laboratory web application to track your progress to financial independence.

What stands out: Insightful interviews, tools for listeners

Journey to Launch

Experiential learners will appreciate host Jamila Souffrant’s interviewing techniques. For each episode, Journey to Launch dives deep into a financial topic with someone who’s found success firsthand. For example, to learn more about how to save money by downsizing into a tiny house, Souffrant interviewed a tiny home owner who realized financial freedom.

While this podcast isn’t simply about the FIRE movement, Souffrant is a big believer in taking control of your own finances and plans to meet her goal of becoming financially independent by 40.

What stands out: Success stories, inspirational tone

Financial news and economics podcasts

Freakonomics Radio Unconventional economics podcast that answers economic questions through a counterintuitive lens.
Marketplace Long-running economics radio show and podcast that helps listeners digest the day’s financial news.
Planet Money Thought-provoking NPR podcast that explores topical and engaging subjects related to all things money.
Your Money Briefing Convenient 10-minute briefing on all things economics, brought to you by The Wall Street Journal.

Freakonomics Radio

Fans of Stephen J. Dubner’s counterculture finance book “Freakonomics” will feel right at home listening to Freakonomics Radio. Just like Dubner’s book, which he co-wrote with Steven Levitt, his podcast explores “the hidden side of everything,” like America’s outdated math curriculum and the inefficiency of tipping culture.

Listeners should buckle in when they’re ready to listen to Freakonomics episodes; they can be up to an hour long with eye-opening interviews and mind-blowing ideas.

What stands out: Alternative takes on big-picture economics


Marketplace from American Public Media has been keeping Americans informed on what’s going on in the economy since 1989. Kai Ryssdal is a consistently reliable host with an expert outlook on how the economy is shaped by global and national news. If you’re just getting started in the world of finance, listening to Marketplace will give you high-level market insights to help you understand the bigger economic picture.

Marketplace also produces the daily Make Me Smart podcast to give listeners a well-rounded view of current issues, many times with takeaways relevant to their finances.

What stands out: Consistently insightful takes, in-depth daily news coverage

NPR Planet Money

Planet Money was born amidst 2008’s Great Recession, and its hosts have been engaging listeners with unconventional takes on the economy ever since. The podcast explores how money is intertwined with all aspects of life and culture, from light topics like “The Economics of Music Festivals” to heavier political questions like “Is A Wealth Tax Constitutional?”

Planet Money broadcasts twice a week on NPR, plus it’s available anytime on As an added bonus, 10-minute episodes of The Indicator by Planet Money are released each business day.

What stands out: Diverse subject matter, short daily episodes available

Your Money Briefing from the Wall Street Journal

With WSJ’s Your Money Briefing podcast, which posts on weekdays, you can get a dose of economics news while brewing your morning cup of coffee. In episodes of less than 10 minutes, Your Money Briefing focuses on the most pressing personal finance topics of the day. During the coronavirus pandemic, for instance, WSJ addressed topics like how to spend your stimulus money and who’s eligible for emergency unemployment benefits.

What stands out: No-frills tone, digestible daily episodes

Women and money podcasts

Bad With Money With Gaby Dunn Comedy meets finance in this laid-back money podcast with an engaging, socially conscious host.
The Fairer Cents The topics of social justice, gender equality and financial inequality merge in an hour-long podcast.
HerMoney with Jean Chatzky Interview-heavy podcast that zeroes in on money topics specific to women’s finances.

Bad With Money With Gaby Dunn

Gaby Dunn finds the time between writing a New York Times bestseller, filming for her YouTube channel and advocating for LGBT rights to produce the Bad With Money podcast. While she lovingly calls her listeners “deadbeats,” Dunn examines the intersection of personal finance and social justice.

The engaging, casual tone of this podcast adds flair to the often-dry subject of finance.

What stands out: Unconventional perspective, fun tone

The Fairer Cents: Women, Money and the Fight to Break Even

The Fairer Cents is the wokest personal finance podcast you’ll listen to. Co-hosts Tanja Hester and Kara Perez take a woman-centric approach to finance, addressing touchy subjects like money and relationships and women’s invisible labor.

Many of the topics they cover are so complex and intricate that they have to be broken up into two episodes (see “The Economics of Reproduction”). This keeps listeners engaged without the burnout that’s typical with hour-long-plus podcasts.

What stands out: Deep dives, intersectional feminist bent

HerMoney From Jean Chatzky

Jean Chatzky’s inquisitive nature shines through when you listen to her podcast interviews. Merge that with a diverse array of guests, like gender economists and financial therapists, and you get a unique insight into finance.

The HerMoney podcast is just one component of the HerMoney blog, which has insight on how to earn, save, borrow, invest and protect your money.

What stands out: Insightful interviews, reassuring and soothing voice

How (and where) to listen to podcasts

If you’re new to the world of podcasts, it’s understandable to be overwhelmed. There are hundreds of thousands of podcasts to choose from, and personal finance is a popular topic. Once you’ve chosen some podcasts to listen to, you have a few choices for listening. First, see if the podcast itself has a website. Most of them do, and they have their entire libraries accessible for free.

Some podcasts are available solely on streaming platforms, like Stitcher, Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Most of these services are free but offer premium ad-free subscriptions for a monthly cost.

You can listen to some podcasts the old-fashioned way: on the radio. Marketplace is broadcast as part of NPR’s Morning Edition, while Planet Money can be heard on NPR stations.


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